Front Roll Over/Hip Circle (7 Min Practice)

From the locked out position on top of the pull up bar you will perform a forward roll to come down OR a complete roll over back to support

So last week we had so many people trying the roll over and everyone asking how do I get down?  Well - here's one way!

You may use the pull over to get back up or jump up or do a bar muscle up - whatever you need.  This time you will ROLL FORWARD.  Do NOT do this with a box directly below you.

Keep the hands on the bar but allow them to rotate as you come down.  HOLD ON!

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 Min Max AROUND THE BOX Pike Walk

With the feet on the box or  bench you will stay in a piked position and walk around the box completely.

One trip around = 1 rep.

If you can't go around because what you are using to pike on won't allow it - you can do more of a windshield wiper with there and back = one rep.

Keep the hips stacked over the shoulders so you are in a handstand position and not a push up position.

This builds CRAZY shoulder stamina and pretty sweet looking shoulders if you ask me!

If you are still new to this stuff and having trouble you may scale to pike shoulder taps!

Metcon (Time)

Accumulate 2 Min Chin Over Bar Hold

Score is total time it takes you to rack up 2 min of hang time.

Double overhand grip.  Use a band if you can't hold at least 10 seconds at a time or so.  Pull the shoulders back.  Keep the body tight!

You may also sub a chest to rings hold!