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04/02/2018 SP MONDAY SHIFT Re-Test!

SP SHIFT RE-Test!  This version of the workout was originally posted on 04/02/2018!  Check it out and go back to see how you've improved!

Street Parking SHIFT is a more simple version of the daily programming is great for those who may be new to this type of training, returning from illness or injury, pregnant/postpartum mamas, seniors, even your KIDS!

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min of)
10 Reverse Lunges
10 Single Arm Swings Right
10 Single Arm Swings Left

Idea weight for Men: 25-35# DB/KB
Idea weight for Women: 15-25# DB/KB

Goal: 7 - 10 RoundsFor this workout you may choose to do the lunges holding your weight at your chest or do them unweighted.

This time we are looking for REVERSE lunges so instead of stepping forward, you will step BACK.

The goal is to step back deep enough to allow your back knee to kiss the ground while your front heel stays down.  If you are unable to go this low due to pain or tightness, you may shorten that range of motion to what is safe and stable for you.

Either way though, drive off that front heel, keep the chest upright, and do not allow the forward knee to cave IN.

The single arm swings are just that.  It is a kettlebell/dumbbell swing with one arm only.  Keep the heels down, knees out, slight bend in the knee while the hinge comes from the hips.  Keep the back flat and arm long.  You will stand hard and fast using the drive from the legs to help you make the object weightless.  Arm is a rope used to guide the weight to eye level each time!

Score is total number of rounds you complete plus any additional reps in 15 min.


15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

10 Squats
10 Ring/Band/Upright Rows
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups

No weight needed!

Score: Total Rounds and Reps Completed in 15 Min

Goal: 7 Rounds +


For these squats, keep the chest up, but do not overextend the back.  Keep the belly tight!

Reach the butt back and down trying to keep the chest up as you descend. Drive the knees out and keep the heels down throughout. The bottom position should be where the butt is lower than the top of the knee.  Do not collapse in this position.  Do not go so low that the back starts to round.

To stand, lead with the chest. Stand fully for each rep.

If you are unable to go all of the way down, or if you tend to collapse at the bottom - you may choose to use a target right at parallel.  STILL FOCUS on heels down and knees out!  Don't get sloppy and use your target as a seat!  Tap it and stand right back up!

For the row part you may do ring, TRX band, bar in rack, parallette, or even bands you pull down from like a doorway system etc.  You may also sub an upright row with your KB or DB!

Make sure that you choose a version that is difficult for you.  These do NOT have to be unbroken, but you should be able to complete them in about 30-40 sec or less each time.

For the push ups make sure you keep proper form by keeping your belly tight and a rigid body position throughout.  Touch chest and thighs completely at the bottom.  Lock out all of the way at the top.  No snaking, hip sagging, or high butts!  Go to your knees if you need to in order to keep moving and finish these in 30 sec or less!

For the sit ups you will touch the ground behind you and come up and touch your toes at the top. Do whatever you want with your feet!

If you need to use assistance to come all of the way up you may do that.  Attach a band to something or use a towel etc to get all of the way up and lower under control.

A good sub for mamas for this would be dead bugs, kb swings, or ball slams!

This one is a GREAT one to do when you don't have any equipment at all.  Just swap the pull ups out for a hop over or a burpee and you are set.


7 Rounds

1 Min Jog, Bike, Row, Taps, Single Unders
7 Single Arm Bent Over Row Right
7 Single Arm Press Right
7 Single Arm Bent Over Row Left
7 Single Arm Press Left

Idea Weight for Men: 20-35# Single Dumbbell/KB

Idea Weight for Women: 8-20# Single Dumbbell/KB

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 20 Min


For this one you will choose what you would like to do for the 1 Min of moving part.  You may jog, do taps or jump rope.  Or if you have access to something like a bike or rower - you may do that!

Make sure that you go at a pace that is uncomfortable for you, but that will allow you to move for the entire movement.

For the single arm bent over row you will lean against a box, bench, the back of your couch or whatever you have that is the appropriate height.  The arm you are leaning on is straight. You may have slightly bent knees. Chest is up and belly tight.  Allow the working arm to hang straight down from the shoulder.  Then for each rep pull the shoulder back first, then pull the elbow back bringing the dumbbell or kb to the side of the rib cage.  Elbow goes BACK and not out.

Bring the arm back to straight at the bottom.

You will do 7 on one side - THEN do the 7 single arm Press.  Then do both on the other side.

For the press you will bring the DB or KB to the shoulder.  You may do these seated or standing.  Make sure the rib cage is pulled down and belly tight.  Press the weight straight up and lock out with the bicep by the ear. No leaning back or leaning over!!


20 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 20 Min)

10 Plate Hops/Jump Overs/Skip Overs
10 Goblet Squats
10 KB/DB Swings

Idea weight for Men: 25-40# KB or DB
Idea weight for Women: 10-25# KB/DB

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps

Goal: 10 Rounds +


20 Min?! Yes!!

We usually don't go this long in the SHIFT programming - but thought we would give you guys a challenge today!  The goal is to find a pace that works for you.  Break the movements into 5-5 each time if you need to.  You've got this!

You have some choices for the first movement.  You can do plate hops or jump onto a low step - something like that.  You may also decide to jump OVER something like a dumbbell on the ground or even just a chalk line drawn on the ground.  If you do this you will jump over - turn around and jump over back.  Each jump = 1 rep.  OR you can choose a slightly less impact skip over.  Skipping one foot at a time over the dumbbell,  or chalk line etc laterally.

Choose something that you are comfortable with, that you can keep moving, but that will challenge you.  If you start with jumps and need to go to skips as the workout goes on.  That is fine.

For the goblet squats hold your KB/DB at the chest.  Feet are shoulder width apart with the heels down.  Stand tall and tighten your belly.  Reach the butt back and down while driving the knees out.  Keep the chest lifted and belly tight.   Keep going down until the butt is lower than the knees.  Do not allow yourself to collapse, round your back, or plop at the bottom.  In the bottom position the heels should be down, knees out, and chest up!

To stand, lead with the chest- keeping the KB tight to the body. Stand fully for each rep.

If you tend to collapse at the bottom and lose position - do these with no weight.  If you are unable to go all of the way down at this time, you may choose to squat to a slightly higher target.

For the swings you will hold the weight with both hands at the waist.   Heels are down.  Hinge forward at the hips and bend the knees slightly.  Keep the chest lifted and heels down.  Belly tight and arms straight.  Pull the weight back through the legs.  Stand up HARD and FAST to make the bell weightless and guide it up to eye level.


8 Rounds

30 Seconds of Taps/Single Unders/Low Step Ups
16 Mountain Climbers
8 KB/DB Deadlifts

Idea weight for Men: 25-40# Single KB/DB - OR - Set of 15-25# DBs

Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB/DB - OR - Set of 8-15# DBs

Score: Total Time to Complete

Goal: Under 13 Min


Once again for this one you will have a few options for the first movement.  Today you will choose between single under jump rope reps, taps (one toe taps kb or db, then other in almost a running fashion), or low step ups (think 8-12").

Make sure you pick what works best for you and move the entire 30 seconds each time.

For the mountain climbers you will start out in a top of push up position - plank.  You will make sure that you aren't sagging your hips and that your butt isn't too high in the air either.  Bring one knee up to the chest/armpit - and back -then the other.  Keep that belly tight and butt down.  Each time a knee comes up = 1 rep.  So for each setoff 16 each knee will come up 8 times.

You may also do these elevated if necessary!

For the deadlifts you will either have a dumbbell or kb between the feet - OR - you may have 2 lighter dumbbells outside of the feet.

Heels are down.  Hips and knees are bent. Arms are straight.  Chest is up.  Belly tight.  Back flat!  To lift the kettlebell drive the heels into the ground and lift the chest. Keep the arms straight as you stand.  Keep the arms long and straight.  Keep the chest up and belly tight. Stand all of the way up at the top.

To lower - reach the butt back. Keep the chest lifted and belly tight. Keep those heels down. Once past the knees you will re-bend the knees and bring the kettlebell back to the starting position under control.