BUTTS & GUTS | WEEK 36 | 09/01/2019


5 Rounds
Not for Time

10 Single Leg Hip Thrusts Right
10 Single Leg Hip Thrusts Left
15 Goblet Reverse Lunge Right
15 Goblet Reverse Lunge Left
20 Love Taps
30 Russian Twists

No RX Weight. Go as heavy as you can for each movement maintaining the ability to go unbroken for each set. You are not necessarily going to use the same weight across the board.

Score is weight used for the thrusts

For the hip thrusts you can do this single leg version with just a single dumbbell. You will wan to lean against a box or bench with the shoulders on top of it when you press up.

Place the dumbbell on the hip of the foot that will stay on the ground. Drive through your heel and drive the butt to squeeze as your hips raise!

For the reverse lunges this week you will hold a dumbbell or kb (or even a plate) in front of you at chest/shoulder height. Do all reps on one side before doing the other. Back knee should kiss the ground for each rep. Make sure you take a big step back so you can drive through your heel.

A love tap is this: Sit on the ground with the legs straight. Sit up tall! place an object around the area of the ankle. For each rep you will lift the legs (fighting to keep them straight) up and over the object. That is one rep. Go back and forth!

A Russian twist will be with a weight in the hands. You will sit on the ground and lean back. Tap the object on the ground on one side, then the other. Going back and forth. For this one you must hit BOTH sides to complete 1 rep!


SINGLE LEG HIP THRUSTS: This can be such a great movement for Mamas! Focus on keeping your hips level and if you feel any instability try modifying to a regular hip thrust with both feet on the ground.

GOBLET REVERSE LUNGE: If you have any pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, smaller step/less range of motion, or step up or forward instead of step back in the lunge lunge. You can hold the weight in the front rack or by your side like a farmer carry. You can also goblet squat try stepping laterally onto a stack of plates or something instead of stepping back or up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Feel free to sub a squat or goblet squat for the lunges.

LOVE TAPS: This movement puts a lot of pressure on the core and the pelvic floor. If you are pregnant or in the rehab or rebuilding stages of postpartum you may want to sub BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions (Choose any from 1-4), Ball Slams, KB Swings, Overhead Plate Hold/March, Palloff Press, BIRTHFIT Banded/Wallball Woodchop, Standing Cross Body Wallball Throws, Goblet Hold/Squat, Waiter Walk

RUSSIAN TWISTS: Deep twists are generally not reccomended during pregnancy because of the pressure it can create in the belly and on the organs. Feel free to modify to any of the following movements: Pallof Press, Functional Progression 2,BIRTHFIT Dumbbell Windmill, BIRTHFIT Banded Woodchop, Elevated Plank Ups, Overhead Plate Hold,Waiter Walks, BIRTHFIT Bear Crawl