SOGO | WEEK 39 | 09/22/2019


Part 1:
4 Rounds
Drop Set

10 DB Lateral Raise (Heavy)
10 DB Lateral Raise (Medium)
10-15 DB Lateral Raise (Light)

No rest between sets
2-3 Min Rest between rounds

Log heaviest set weightDBs are at your sides with a slight bend in the elbow you will raise them out to the side/slighty in front of you. Bring the dumbbells in line with the shoulders then lower back down.

If you do not have dumbbells for all 3 weights you can even use plates or other random objects.

If all else fails - just stick to 4 sets of 15 with what you've got!

Part 2
4 Rounds

DB Seated Shoulder Press 10-12
DB Seated Reverse Fly 10-12 Reps

No rest between exercises
Rest 2-3 Min between rounds

Mark weight used for pressesYou can also use a barbell for the shoulder press if you need to for weight's sake.

For the shoulder press keep the rib cage down, bring the dumbbells all the way down to the shoulders each time and get them completely locked out overhead with the biceps in the ears!

For the reverse flies you will prob have to use a lighter weight. You will sit at the edge of your bench and lean forward. You will then let the dumbbells hang to your sides and raise them with slightly bent elbows like you are flapping your wings!

Part 3
4 Rounds

DB or Barbell Upright Row 10-12 Reps
Plate Front Raise to FAILURE

No rest between exercises
Rest 3-4 Min between rounds

Mark weight used for Upright RowFor upright row you will be standing. Hold the dumbbells or barbell with a narrow grip. Pull the shoulders back and down and then bring the elbows high and outside as you pull the weight up (like you are zipping up your jacket). Keep the belly tight!

For the plate front raise allow a slight bend in the elbow. Bring the plate up to just under face level. Go to failure or at least until you start feeling you need to add help from your hip in to get the plate up!