OLY | WEEK 39 | 09/22/2019


Snatch + Hang Snatch (15 Min to Find Heaviest Single (Full + Hang))

One Full Snatch from the Ground + One Hang Snatch from Above the KneeScore is your heaviest unbroken Snatch + Hang Snatch.

Unbroken = you didn't drop the bar.

For this you will perform 1 full snatch (meaning from the ground and landing in a full squat), then you will lower the bar to the hip and perform 1 more snatch (squat) from the hang (dip, but don't go below the knee to initiate.).

You have 15 min on the clock and can add weight and do sets as you please - with the goal of going as heavy as you can for this movement in that time frame.

For the snatch you will start with the bar on the ground. Your grip will be wide (overhead squat grip). Heels will be down with the feet somewhere between hip and shoulder width. You will hinge at the hips and bend the knees to bring your hands to the bar. Keep the chest up and back flat. You should not be TOO squatty, but definitely have a bend in those knees. Bar is close to the body.

To stand you will drive the heels into the ground and lift the chest! Drive the knees back as the chest comes up. Once past the knees you will want to think of jumping straight UP (not forward) leading with the chest. Squeeze the butt and shrug the shoulders. Pull the elbows high and outside to keep the bar close as it starts to travel UP the body. At the same time, pull YOURSELF down under it and press against the bar as you get into a low overhead squat.

You should land in an overhead squat with the bar over the middle of the body, locked out, armpits forward, belly tight, chest up, knees out, heels down.

Stand by driving the heels down, knees out, and leading with the chest. Keep pressing into the bar!

Lower the bar back to the hips. Re-set your feet if you need to. Dip by allowing the chest to come forward slightly and allowing the bar to slide down the thigh. Keep the arms straight and bend the knees slightly.

From that position you will perform the snatch exactly the same as the other one.

If you want you may choose to work power snatches instead!

Behind The Neck Jerk (5 x 5)

Go light for these and work technique. Go SUPER light if you have never done them before. Be careful with the lower! Absorb with the knees!

You may work a wide grip or a more normal grip. Up to you.

The bar will start on the back. You will dip keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to come forward, and keeping the chest up. Stand up hard and fast to pop the bar off of the shoulders. Press the bar up and press YOURSELF down underneath it. Catch it with the heels down, knees out, belly tight and completely locked out with the bar over the middle of the body. Stand to finish.

When lowering the bar please absorb with the knees and then re-set before the next rep.

You may choose to work the power jerk or split jerk.