SOGO | WEEK 34 | 08/18/2019


Part 1:

4 Sets:

6-8 Reps Arnold Press

Part 2:

3 Round Superset

(rest 30s between movements)
30s/arm 90 degree Waiter Walks
5 Lat to Front Raise Complex
10-12 90 degree Lat Raise
10/arm Single Arm Rev. Fly

1 rep of Lat to Front Raise complex = Lat Raise to Front, lower, then Front raise to Lat, lower.
Movements are slow and controlled. Pause 1 second on both ends.

Score: Weight Used for Lat Raise Complex
Put info for others in comments
Goal: Good movement

For the Arnold presses start standing with your dumbbells at chin level, palms facing you. As you press overhead, rotate your arms so your palms face out at the top. Keep your chest up but belly tight to avoid arching your back.

Waiter walks you will hold one DB in one hand in front of you with elbow at shoulder level and 90 degrees so your forearm is vertical. Stand up straight and walk slow. After 30 seconds, switch to the other arm.

For the lat to front raise, arms are straight the whole time. Raise your arms out to a T, then keep the DBs at shoulder level as you bring them together in front of you. Lower them down to your waist, then raise them up in front of you to shoulder height. Then, take them back out wide to a T and lower them back down to your side. That is 1 rep!

For the 90 degree lat raise, start with elbows along side your body, arms bent to 90 degrees. Keep this angle of your arms and raise your elbows out to the sides up to shoulder level then back down.

Single arm reverse fly, plant one hand and one knee on a bench, facing down. Opposite arm starts hanging straight down, elbow very slightly bent. Raise the DB out to the side so almost shoulder height. Keep the DB in line with the shoulder, arm 90 degrees to the body. Press you planted hand down hard and keep your belly super tight!