OLY | WEEK 34 | 08/18/2019


Sotts Press (5 x 4)

From the bottom of the squat you will press the bar up into locked out position to mimic bottom of overhead squat or snatch catch position.

For this movement you will want to start SUPER light. Like an empty barbell or even a PVC pipe or broomstick handle.

You will have the bar on your back with a wide/overhead squat grip. This grip needs to be something that you could dump behind you with your arms straight if necessary. To find this grip you can try doing some pass throughs with a PVC pipe or empty broomstick handle.

If your shoulders are SO tight that you can't pass through at all. That is ok. You can still practice the Sotts Press. You will just go extremely light.

You will get into the bottom of the squat with the bar on your back and that wide grip. Make sure you are in a solid squat position. Heels are down, knees out, chest up, no softness or plopping in the back/spine.

Tighten the belly and press the bar up to lock out with the weight over the middle of your body/middle of your foot. Fight to keep that chest up and work to get your ARMPITS forward. Think about rotating your pinky into the bar. Press up not only with the shoulders but with your whole back. Pause at the top for a moment before lowering down.

You will stay in the bottom of the squat position and lower the bar back onto your back. And then do the next rep.

Do not go up in weight unless you are feeling SMOOTH with the up and down.

Hang Snatch (7 x 3 (1 set every 3 min))

For these reps we are looking for 3 in a row each time without dropping. You will get significant rest between sets so that is an indication you should push to go with something that is heavy for you!

If you are new to this movement you may choose to do a hang power snatch into an overhead squat. Otherwise you will perform the movement as:

You will deadlift the bar with a wide (overhead squat) grip. Bring the bar to the "hang" position (at the waist. Practice the hook grip (thumb around the bar - fingers around your thumb).

From here you will make sure your feet are under the hips and heels are down. Hinge at the hips so that the torso comes forward, but keep the chest up. Allow the knees to bend slightly. Keep the heels down and pull the bar INTO the body and allow the bar to slide down the legs. Keep the arms straight. Once you are somewhere between the pockets and the knees you will change direction and start to stand UP hard and fast. You will want to make sure you finish UP with the bar going UP and not forward.

Shrug the shoulders and pull the elbows high and outside. As you are pulling UP on the bar - pull YOURSELF DOWN underneath it. Allow the feet to move out to your squat stance with the heels down. Reach the butt back and down as you pull under and keep the chest up and knees out. Land in a full squat position with the bar locked out over the middle of your body. Chest up and belly tight. Stand to complete the rep.

Lower back to the hips for the next rep.