GYMNASTICS | WEEK 34 | 08/18/2019


2 Rounds

30 Seconds Rebounding Straight Jumps
10 Banded Pass Throughs
10 Low Tuck to Standing Extensions

Rebounding Straight Jumps:

1. Begin standing with your feet together, arms bent to 90 degrees and close to your sides.
2. As you jump, make sure to only push from the balls of your feet. Do not let your heels touch the ground.
3. The goal is to be explosive off the floor, fully pointing your toes in the air, while keeping the entire body tight.
4. You want to spend as little time on the floor as possible— Be quick and bouncy.

Banded Pass Throughs

1. Begin standing with your feet together, quads squeezed, and glutes engaged. Round your hips under (think of yourself as a dog with its tail between its legs) to ‘turn on’ your core. Practicing this total body tension from your warm-up is going to transfer into higher level skills.
2. Grip your band (any thickness) in a wide set up for the first few reps. Usually near the ends.
3. Using straight arms, lift the band overhead and backwards, until it hits the back of your glutes.
4. Hold to maximize the stretch.
5. Return to your front starting position by repeating the same motion forward.
6. As you get comfortable, begin walking your hands in to a more narrow grip for increased difficulty.

Low Tuck to Standing Extensions

1. Begin in a low, tucked position on the ground: Feet together, glutes to heels, hands on the floor near your toes for support. Only your fingers and the balls of your feet will be in contact with the floor.
2. Press your heels to the ground to intensify the stretch through the achilles and calves.
3. Slowly, lift the glutes into the air, beginning to straighten out the legs.
4. Continue rising until you reach straight legs. The goal is to keep your hands on the floor for the entire set, but, if they need to come off in order to lock the knees out, that is fine.
5. Allow the chest to hang towards the floor as much as possible.
6. Hold at the top to maximize the stretch.
7. Return to your low tuck starting position.

AMRAP x 12 Min
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 min without sacrificing FORM)

5 Tucked Press to Handstand
10 Candlestick Roll + Box Jump
20 Alternating Toe Taps

Subs or Modifications:
Small jumps
Candlestick + step-up
Keep your knees bent

Tucked Press to Handstand

1. Begin in a low squat position facing the wall, with your feet together
2. Hands should be approximately 6-8 inches from the wall (they won’t move through the entire skill)
3. Keeping your hands on the floor, lift your hips and jump your feet into the air, landing in a handstand against the wall
4. Finish in a fully extended, tight handstand
5. To come down, drag your feet along the wall, and bring your legs into a tucked position
6. Roll your hips off the wall, and control your descent back to the floor
7. Land with both feet on the ground, in the low tuck position you started in

Candlestick Roll + Box Jump

1. Begin standing with both feet together, arms by your sides, in front of your box.
2. Sit back to the floor, setting your glutes close to your heels.
3. As you roll backwards, extend your arms overhead, pressing them into the floor behind you, and lift your toes to the ceiling. Legs are straight and glutes squeezed (make sure your hips are fully open).
4. Using the momentum from rolling down, pull your heels as close to your glutes as possible, and shift your chest forward, over your toes to help stand.
5. As you stand up, swing your arms and jump onto your box.
6. Fully extend your knees and hips at the top, and carefully step back down.

Alternating Toe Taps

1. Begin lying on the ground, legs together and arms extended straight overhead.
2. Simultaneously lift your right leg and left arm, tapping your fingers and toes at the top of the rep.
3. Return back to your neutral, lying position.
4. Simultaneously lift your left leg and right arm, tapping your fingers and toes at the top.
5. Return back to neutral.
6. Continue alternating between both sides, keeping your legs as straight as possible, and pressing your lower back into the ground at the top of every rep.

Skill Focus: Toes to Bar

EMOM 8 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 8 Minutes)

20 Seconds Max Reps Toes to Bar

Subs and Modifications:
Focus on rhythm, only lifting your legs as high as possible while keeping the beatToes to Bar:

1. Begin standing directly underneath the pull-up bar, and jump. When catching the bar, land in a hollow position.
2. Immediately drive your heels back, into a superman (arch) position, and you will be ready for your first toes to bar rep.
3. Using your core and hip flexors, swing your legs towards the bar, making contact with your toes. Simultaneously, press the bar towards the floor to help engage your lats.
4. Once your toes make contact, allow your legs to swing back down, gaining momentum, and helping to reposition you back into your superman position.
5. Continue to connect reps using the swing and momentum to your advantage.
6. For additional help, check out the Toes to Bar program under Extra Programs on the member’s website.