POWER | WEEK 35 | 08/25/2019


Deficit Deadlift

Deadlift while standing on plates or something that will add 3-5" to the pullRest as needed between. Score is heaviest set.

Adding a little extra depth to the pull of your deadlift will REALLY get the hamstring and glute GOING! Just make sure you only do these if you have the flexibility to get your back FLAT in the set up.

You will stand on something like a pair or even a single 45# plate. Make sure whatever you set up on is super sturdy and safe.

From there the deadlift set up is basically the same as always. Feet are between hip and shoulder width apart. Weight is in the heels, the bar is close to the body. Hands and arms are outside the legs. Knees are bent. Chest is over the bar, arms are straight. Chest UP and back flat!

This is going to feel WAY heavier than normal off of the ground. Start light if you are new to this movement. Do NOT let the weight pull you forward as you try to lift. Really shift and set your weight BACK before you pull. Drive your heels into the ground and reach the chest up as the bar come off the ground. Stand all of the way up by squeezing your butt to bring you to the top!

Be careful on the lower. It is common to bang up the shins if you rush this or drop it. Keep the same good positions on the way down as on the way up.

This is 6 sets of 3 - but don't try to do an aggressive tap and go. For this we would actually prefer almost a dead stop at the bottom.

10 Min AMRAP
2 Strict Press (DB or Barbell)
2 Chin Ups
4 Strict Press
4 Chin Ups
6 Strict press
6 Chin Ups...

How far can you get?

Score is total reps added up at the end!Make sure you choose a weight that you can do a set of 8-10 with at least when you are fresh. You will end up doing a lot of standing around if you go too heavy. No use of the legs or hips for these presses. You can even do them seated if you want!

For the chin ups make sure you use an underhand grip. All of the way down, all of the way up - strict.

Use a band if needed or even do a slow negative.