SANDBAG | WEEK 35 | 08/25/2019



Running Warm Up
Full Body Warm Up


For Time:

800 M Burden run
30 Alt Sandbag Slams
50 Sandbag Step up and overs
30 Alt Sandbag Slams
800 M Burden Run

No Rx or RX+:

Men: 50-70#
Women: 25-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal Time : 26 Min

For the burden run, clean and jerk the sandbag onto your back rack so it's on your shoulders with your hands holding it on both sides.

As you run, keep your chest up and eyes forward. Take smaller steps to reduce the impact on your knees and back.

The sandbag slam starts with the bag on the ground. Feet under the hips roughly. Knees are bent, sandbag is close to the body, chest is up, arms are straight. Grab the sides of the bag. Drive your heels down and keep your chest up. Stand up hard and fast and guide the bag to your right shoulder. Step forward with your left foot, use your hips to slam the bag straight down to the ground. Set up and bring the bar to your left shoulder and repeat.

For the sandbag step-up and overs. Choose a box that is roughly 22-24" for men and 18-20" for women. You can clean the bag to the front rack, or pop over the head and use the back rack. You can also clean the sandbag to either shoulder and perform your step-ups this way. Facing the box you will step up with one leg, with the whole foot on the box and drive through you heel! Stand all the way up onto the box, then back down the other side, alternate legs each rep.

Subs for step-ups, could be single arm DB, holding a DB in just one hand, or holding a DB in the goblet position. Also lowering the box height, or performing to something like a step, and simply step up and then back down alternating legs each rep.