POWER | WEEK 31 | 07/28/2019


Deadlift (7 x 3 )

These are intended to be the same weight across all 7 sets. Warm up to about 80-85% if you know those numbers and see if you can hold that. Or if that is feeling light today - feel free to go a bit heavier.

If you don't know percentages - NO problem! Feel how things are feeling as you are doing warm up sets. Find something challenging for you. If you get a few sets in and feel you should go Up or Down - don't hesitate. It might take some time to figure out what you are capable of. Your score is the weight you do across all 7 sets - or your heaviest set.

Rest 2 min between sets.

For the deadlift the bar will start on the ground. Your feet are under the hips with the heels down. The bar is close to the body. Bend at the hip and bend your knees slightly. Keep the chest up, belly tight, and back flat as you grip the bar just outside of the legs with the arms straight.

To lift the bar you will dig the heels into the ground and raise the chest. Actively pull the bar INTO your body to keep it close! Keep that belly tight and don't allow the weight to pull your spine out of that rigid position. Once past the knees think about squeezing the butt to bring you to a complete standing position. You don't need to lean back or shrug. Just stand all of the way up.

To lower the bar you will reach the butt back and once again actively pull the bar into your body to keep it close. Keep the knees out of the path of the bar by delaying any major knee bend until after the bar has past the knees.

These should be touch and go sets of 3 with no excessive bounce at the bottom.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Weighted Strict Pull Ups

RX+: (Must be done in sets of 3)

Put weight you used in comments.For this if you need to just do strict pull ups with no weight that is fine.

Since 7 min is a long time and it's just pull ups - we prefer a sub for this one (for those of you who don't have strict pull ups) to be banded strict OR supine (body parallel to the floor) bar or ring rows.

We don't want you doing a million reps of the slow lower.

Make sure you hang completely from the bottom and get the chin over at the top of each rep.