GYMNASTICS | WEEK 31 | 07/28/2019


2 Rounds:

10 Scapular Push-Ups
30 Seconds High Knees
10 Banded Pass Throughs
30 Seconds Jumping SquatsScapular Push Ups:

1. Set up in a plank position, with your shoulders directly over your wrists.
2. Keeping your entire body tight, allow only your shoulders to relax, and sag down towards the floor.
3. Re-engage the shoulders by "pressing away from the floor" and getting as tall as possible at the top of your plank position.
4. Continue releasing and extending your shoulders, without compromising your tight body position in the plank itself.

High Knees:

1. Begin in an open space, with your arms bent and by your sides (elbows at a 90 degree angle), and core braced.
2. As you begin running in place, lift each knee to hip height, so that your quads become parallel to the floor. Toes should be pointed as soon as they leave the ground with every rep.
3. Rebound off the balls of your feet, not letting the heels hit the ground.

Banded Pass Through:

1. Begin standing with your feet together, quads squeezed, and glutes engaged. Round your hips under (think of yourself as a dog with its tail between its legs) to ‘turn on’ your core. Practicing this total body tension from your warm-up is going to transfer into higher level skills.
2. Grip your band (any thickness) in a wide set up for the first few reps. Usually near the ends.
3. Using straight arms, lift the band overhead and backwards, until it hits the back of your glutes.
4. Hold to maximize the stretch.
5. Return to your front starting position by repeating the same motion forward.
6. As you get comfortable, begin walking your hands in to a more narrow grip for increased difficulty.

Jumping Squats:

1. Begin in a squat stance, with your feet right outside the hips, toes pointed slightly out.
2. Squat down until your hips travel below your knees.
3. As you stand, you will move directly into an explosive high jump, getting off the ground as much as possible.
4. Absorb the landing by bending the knees and smoothly dropping directly into your next squat.
5. The goal....See Members Only


30 Weighted Sit-Ups
20 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups
10 High Jump Overs
5 Strict Pull-Up + Horizontal Leg Lift

Subs and Modifications
Less weight
Use two abmats / Box Handstand Push-Ups
Use a lower target
Negative pull-up + leg lift

Score: Total Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps
Goal: QUALITY Reps!! 3 Rounds give or take.

Weighted Sit Ups:

1. Begin on the ground, with your legs in a butterfly position (feet together, knees out to the side), holding your weight close to the chest.
2. Keeping your feet on the ground, lay back to the ground, making sure to touch your upper back.
3. Sit-up back into your starting position.

Kipping Handstand Push Ups:

1. Kick up to a handstand against the wall, with your hands set outside the shoulders.
2. Carefully lower yourself down to the floor, ending in a headstand against the wall.
3. Bend your knees and pull them down towards your triceps.
4. Aggressively drive your heels towards the ceiling, and squeeze your glutes.
5. Make sure to finish in a fully extended handstand before moving into the next rep.

High Jump Overs:

1. First, choose a box, bench, etc. of the appropriate height. You should be challenged, but should not feel like you will trip over your apparatus.
2. Facing your equipment, jump over, being as explosive as possible.
3. Make sure to land with a bend in your knees, to safely absorb your weight.

Strict Pull-Up + Horizontal Leg Lift:

1. Begin in an active hang on the bar, gripping right outside the shoulders.
2. Keeping a tight body position, pull yourself vertically, until your chin clearly comes over the height of the bar.
3. Lower yourself back down into an active hang.
4. Keeping your legs tight and straight, lift them to horizontal.
5. Lower your legs back down, finishing in your active hang position.
6. Try to be as controlled as possible, to avoid swinging.

Skill Focus: Static Balance

EMOM 8 Minutes:

Min 1: 30 Seconds Forward Scale Right
Min 2: 30 Seconds Single Arm Plank Right
Min 3: 30 Seconds Forward Scale Left
Min 4: 30 Seconds Single Arm Plank Left

Subs and Modifications:

Only scale forward as far as possible
Single arm plank from the knees

No Score

Forward Scale:

1. Begin standing on both feet, with your arms out to the side, parallel to the ground.
2. Shift your weight and stand on your right leg, lifting your left leg behind you.
3. Begin leaning forward, chest coming towards the ground, while the back leg simultaneously lifts behind you.
4. You want to make sure that as you lean, your body position stays straight— You should be in a tight, straight line from your left foot, to shoulders.
5. When you lean forward as far as you can, slowly return back to your starting position.
6. This movement should be very slow, and very controlled.

Single Arm Plank:

1. Begin in a plank position, with your hands underneath your shoulders.
2. Very slowly, press your right hand into the ground, and lift your left hand off the floor.
3. The goal is to keep your body tight and parallel to the floor as you lift and hold your hand off the ground.