Bench Press (6 x 4 (Building Sets))

Rest 2 Min between sets.

Each set should be heavier than the last. Start with something heavy but that you are confident in.

As always don't go too heavy if you don't have a spot or a SAFE way to bail.

For the bench you should try to get set up so that your feet and heels are down. If you have a tall bench or if you are short - you can put plates where your feet will be! Keep the butt on the bench. Before you unrack the bar think of pulling the shoulders back and down and pinching a pack of playing cards in your armpits.

Hands should be just outside the shoulders with a full grip around the bar. As you lower the bar, keep the elbows IN.

Touch the chest (not BOUNCE on the chest) and press to lock out at the top.

Single Arm Dumbbell Press (4 x 8-12 Each Side)

Choose a weight that you can do 8 for sure, but 12 is pushing it.

You can do these seated or standing. Either way keep the belly tight and rib cage pulled in.

Start with the dumbbell at the shoulder, press to lockout getting the bicep by the ear.

Do 8-12 on one side and the same on the other.

Rest about 30 seconds between arms and 1-2 min between rounds.