OLY | WEEK 42 | 10/13/2019


Snatch Warm Up

Power Snatch (1 Rep Every 90 Seconds for 12 Min (8 total reps))

For these you may choose to keep the same weight for each or build as you go. If you know your snatching abilities well - choose a weight that will be challenging but will allow you to move properly. If snatching is still new for you - start with something manageable and add weight as you are successful and still moving well.

You will do 1 power snatch every 90 seconds for 12 min or a total of 8 power snatches.

Warm up before using the snatch warm up in Members Only and do not count any of your warm up sets as part of this. When you start the clock you should be at a weight that is a "working weight" for you.

For the power snatch your feet are under your hips with the heels down. Hands are wide (overhead squat grip). Hinge at the hip and bend the knees but keep the chest UP! Start to lift the bar by digging the heels into the ground and lifting the chest. Pull the bar into the body to keep it close! Once past the knees scoop your hips under your shoulders so when you finish the up and JUMP you will jump straight up and not swing the bar out forward. Finish UP with the legs and hips (arms still straight). Shrug hard. The bar will start to travel UP the body - elbows go high and outside to keep bar close. Pull up on the bar and pull YOURSELF down under it slightly. You will land in a partial overhead squat with the bar locked out over the body.

Heels down, knees out, belly tight, chest lifted, bar over head, elbows locked, pressing into the bar! Stand to finish!

Snatch Balance (5 x 3)

The snatch balance is how we practice pushing ourselves DOWN in the snatch and landing in a SOLID overhead squat quickly! It is tough so start and even STAY light for this if necessary. This is about moving well and FAST over going heavy.

The bar will start on the back with the hands wide (overhead squat grip). Heels are under the hips. Dip slightly keeping the heels down and chest up. Stand up hard and fast popping the bar off the shoulders in the back (make sure the head is out of the way). Don't think of pressing the bar UP - push YOURSELF DOWN under it. Move your feet out to your squat stance (shoulder width) as you go down. Land in the bottom of the squat with the butt lower than the knees, heels down, knees out, belly tight, chest up, bar over the middle of the body (slightly behind your head), pressing into the bar, elbows locked.

Something else to work on is trying to rotate your armpits forward instead of allowing them to point down. Think of pulling your shoulder blades IN and pressing your pinky into the bar. Stand up with the bar still over your head.

If you can't get the bar in the proper position at the bottom (keeps coming forward) - you may try taking your hands a bit wider.