SOGO | WEEK 42 | 10/13/2019


On a 24 minute Clock

Every 2 min for 6 minutes
10-12 DB Curls (not alternating)
10-12 DB Skull Crushers

Every 2 min for 6 minutes
10-12 Alternating Hammer Curls
10-12 Standing DB Tricep Extensions

Every 2 min for 6 minutes
10-12 Concentration Curls
10-12 Bent Over Tricep Extensions
(one arm at a time)

Rest 2 minutes

4 min AMRAP
Max Chin-Ups
Max Diamond Push Ups
Switch movements each time you break

Score: Weight Used for Part 1-3
Goal: Make it all of the way through with at least 9-10 reps but not more than 12 of each movement.

The pump is real on this one. Definitely feel free to adjust the weight for the different curl and tricep variations.

Make sure all the movements are slow and controlled. Pause for 1 second on both ends of each rep. You can move faster during the 4 minute AMRAP but keep the movements strict.

Dumbbell curls will be performed together with palms facing up. Keep the DBs from swinging back behind you on the way down.

On the skull crushers elbow and shoulder stay in a line and the only movement comes from the elbow joint.

Hammer curls will be performed with palms facing each other. Touch one head of the dumbbell to your shoulder and keep your elbows tight to the body the whole time.

For standing tricep extensions, with a dumbbell in each hand, start with biceps by the ears, elbows bent to allow rear head of DB to touch the shoulder. Keep the biceps by the ears and straighten your arms overhead. As with all overhead movements, keep your belly tight!

For concentration curls, you'll be seated and go one arm at a time. Brace yourself by pushing the back of your upper arm into your inner thigh, keep that foot firmly planted so your leg doesn't move. Start with the arm straight and curl your palm up as close to your shoulder as you can. Concentrate on that bicep!

On the bent over tricep extensions, plant one hand and one shin on a bench, DB in the opposite hand. Start with forearm vertical, knuckles down. Keep your elbows in place and extend your arm back until it is straight.

Diamond push ups your thumbs and index fingers will be touching to ensure a close hand position.

Chin ups you'll have an underhand/palm up grip. You can also do this with TRX/Ring or bar in rack rows.