GYMNASTICS | WEEK 29 | 07/14/2019


2 Rounds
20 Forward to Backward Swinging Kicks
1:00 Passive Bar Hang
10 Low Squat to Standing Straddle Extensions

Forward to Backward Swinging Kicks
1. Begin standing on both feet, grabbing a sturdy object for support with your right hand (I recommend the post of a rig).
2. Extend your left arm directly out to the side, keeping it parallel to the floor for the entire set.
3. Keeping a straight leg, lift your left foot up in the air as high as possible.
4. Once you reach your full range of motion, drive the heel backward, using momentum to swing your eft leg behind you.
5. Continue swinging your left leg front to back, focusing on keep both legs locked out at all times.
6. Repeat steps for the right side.

Passive Bar Hang
1. Jump to the bar, taking a shoulder width grip with your hands.
2. Wrap your thumbs fully around the bar for safety.
3. Completely relax your body, allowing yourself to hang down towards the floor as much as possible. No muscle engagement during passive hangs.

Low Squat to Standing Straddle Extensions
1. Begin in a low, wide squat. Hands on the floor in front of you.
2. Slowly, lift the glutes into the air, until you straighten out the legs.
3. The goal is to keep your hands on the floor for the entire set, but, if they need to come off in order to lock the knees out, that is fine.
4. Allow the chest to hang between the legs as much as possible.
5. Hold at the top.
6. Return to your low squat starting position, moving slowly through each rep.

(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible - with GOOD QUALITY in 15 Min)
5 Wall Walks
40 Hollow Rocks
40 Alternating Rebounding High Kicks

Subs and Modifications
Only walk up the wall as high as you feel comfortable / Plank Shoulder Taps
Tucked hollow rocks / Hollow pulses
Rebounding straight jumps / Alternating standing kicks (no jumping)

Wall Walk
1. Begin in the bottom of a push-up position, with your feet by the wall.
2. Push-up into a plank. Extend the shoulders by "pushing the floor away", which will slightly round the upper back, giving you a sturdy base in which to begin your wall walk.
3. Lift your first foot and press it into the wall.
4. As you lift your second foot to the wall, you will simultaneously step your opposite hand backwards.
5. Continue walking your feet up the wall, while stepping your hands back, towards the wall, until you finish in a handstand.
6. Be as tight as possible at the top of your handstand, pushing your shoulders into your ears and squeezing your glutes .
7. Walk back down the wall by retracing the same "stepping" movement pattern you used to climb up the wall.
8. Once you bring your feet to the ground, move through your plank position, and lower all the way to the floor to complete.

Hollow Rocks
1. Begin laying on your back with your legs extended forward, and arms extended overhead by your ears. Your arms need to stay shoulder width apart for the entire set.
2. Brace your core by sucking your belly button into your spine, pushing the lower back into the floor. Your lower back needs to remain flat, so it makes contact with the floor during every rep.
3. To initiate the rock, lift your toes up in the air while you press your shoulder blades into the ground. While maintaining the hollowed position, allow the momentum to rock you forward as the toes come towards the ground, and shoulders lift off the ground.

Alternating Rebounding High Kicks
1. Staying in one spot, you’re going to rebound back and forth between legs, lifting each as high as possible off the floor.
2. You want to keep your front leg (the one you’re lifting) straight, with pointed toes (to further reinforce muscular engagement).
3. Try to stay only on the balls of your feet, without letting your heels touch the ground.
4. The goal is to be light on your feet, explosive

3 Rounds for Quality
10 Candlestick Roll + Alternating Pistols
10 Box Handstand + Forward Rocks
5 Cartwheels: Left + Right

Subs and Modifications
Candlestick Roll standing up with both feet on the ground
Box Handstand Static Hold
Swing legs around the side / Keep legs close to the floor

Candlestick Roll + Alternating Pistols
1. Begin standing with both feet together, arms by your sides.
2. Sit back to the floor, getting your glutes close to your heels.
3. As you roll backwards, extend your arms overhead, pressing them into the floor behind you, and lift your toes to the ceiling. Legs are straight and glutes squeezed (make sure your hips are fully open).
4. Using the momentum from the roll forward, pull your right heel as close to your glute as possible, and shift your arms and chest forward over your right foot. Left leg should be extended straight out in front, off the floor.
5. Stand up on your right leg.
6. Once fully standing, you can set your left foot down, and move into the next candlestick roll.
7. Continue alternating sides used to stand up.

Box Handstand + Forward Rocks

1. Set up in your Box Handstand Hold.
2. Moving VERY slowly, press your toes into the box, allowing your shoulders to shift forward over your finger tips. Or, as far as possible.
3. Really use your fingers to grip the floor and keep you from falling forward.
4. Return to your starting handstand position by pushing your hands into the floor, shifting your bodyweight back towards the box.
5. Only shift forward as far as you feel comfortable, and work your way into it. Do not try to go too far on your first attempt.

1. Begin in the universal gymnastics starting position: Stand with your full weight on your non-dominant (“bad”) leg, with your dominant leg extended forward, quad squeezed with toes pointed and in contact with the ground. Set arms overhead, shoulder-width apart, and extend the shoulders into the ears (there should be no space between the two). Squeeze your glutes and round your hips under to engage the core and flatten out the lower back. You should be completely tight from head to toe in this position.
2. Carefully shift your weight forward, into your dominant leg. Your front knee will dramatically bend, as your bodyweight travels forward, over the front of the toes. You want a big bend in the front leg in order to better control your speed as you approach the floor.
3. Keeping your arms shoulder-width apart, continue reaching your hands towards the floor. Here, your body will act similarly to a teeter-totter. As your hands approach the floor, your back leg (non-dominant) will rise off the floor, preparing for the “kick” to generate the full rotation over your hands.
4. When your hands are within 1-2 inches of the floor, externally rotate your fingers to 45 degrees, and drive your back heel (non-dominant leg) vertical.
5. Your back leg will initiate the the full rotation of your body in the cartwheel. You need an explosive kick-up that generates enough power to help you fully rotate in the movement.
6. As your first hand (dominant hand) reaches the floor, your first foot (non-dominant foot) will drive over the top. As your second hand (non-dominant hand) reaches the floor, your second foot (dominant foot) will push off the floor, and drive over the top. At this point, your body should be in an upside down “X” position.
7. Maintaining this X-position, pull your first foot (non-dominant foot) to the floor, and lift your first hand (dominant hand) off the floor. When your second foot (dominant foot) reaches the floor, lift your second hand (non-dominant hand) off the floor.
8. Control your landing, and make sure you are fully balanced before moving on.