SANDBAG | WEEK 29 | 07/14/2019


This is our third official week of the Sandbag Accessory programming! We have had sandbag versions of the daily workouts for a while - but THIS is a sandbag specific workout with movementst that won't necessarily fit into the regular daily versions of the workout.
This workout is great for anyone who wants to learn more ways to implement their sandbag and gain strength from playing with this unstable load. Add this in wherever makes sense for your schedule.

Pro Tip: Most of these workouts are more "workout" than accessory. Probably skip the regular workout on the day you do it and if anything throw in one of the other accessory programs.


For Time

100 Sandbag Hop overs
25 Sandbag get ups (L)
100 Sandbag hop overs
25 Sandbag get ups (R)
100 Sandbag hop overs
50 Sandbag GTO (Ground to over head)

RX Men 50-60#
RX Women: 25-40#

Goal Time: 25 Min

Even though this workout is for time, DO NOT RUSH the get ups.
They are meant to be performed slowly with a shot pause in each position.

Move at a controlled pace through the hop overs and get ups so you can really jam when it comes time for the ground to overhead!

For the sandbag hop overs, stand next to your bag and hop over the short side. Then, hop back the other way.
Each time you hop is one rep.

For the get up, start lying on your back holding the bag to your chest with your left arm around the bag. Bend your left knee. Keep your chest up and roll on to your right forearm, then up to your right hand. Hand should be planted directly under your shoulder.

Keep your belly tight the whole time. Sweep your right foot under and behind you, plant your right knee under you and come into a kneeling position still holding the bag in your left arm. Stand up all the way.

Finish the rep by retracing your steps back down to the floor.

For the sandbag ground to over head the sandbag will start right in front of your feet. You will keep the heels down. Bend the knees and hinge at the hips while keeping the chest lifted as you grab the sandbag using the handles facing lateral or horizontal. Stand up with the sandbag by driving through the heels and lifting the chest. Explode UP with the legs and hips. Shrug the shoulders. Pull the elbow high and outside. Then PUNCH the sandbag to lock out finishing with the biceps by the ear!