Shoulder Press (5 x 7)

Rest as needed between sets. Go up if you can!

The strict shoulder press is a press overhead without using the legs or hips to assist the upper body. You will squeeze the cheeks, pull the ribcage down and in, bar is on the shoulders with the elbows slightly in front. Move the face back and press the bar straight up.

Once the bar has cleared the head/face you can bring the head back to neutral and continue pressing the bar UP! Lock out completely and pull the bar back over the middle of the body.

When lowering the bar back down - if you need to you may absorb with the knees. Just no assist from that dip to help the next rep.

Weighted Dips (4 x Max Reps)

Hold a weight between the legs, wear a vest or a belt with weight. Rest 4 Min Between Sets

For these reps you can do weighted dips, bodyweight only, or even a jump and slow lower for all sets.

If you are doing weighted you will choose a weight that you can get 8, but more than 10-12 is difficult.

Make sure your shoulder is lower than your elbow at the bottom and you are all the way locked out at the top.