Part 1
100 Strict Press
Every time you break: 15 V-Ups

Goal is to do this in as few sets as possible. Pick something that you can do at least 15 with each time.

Make sure you avoid overextending or leaning back! Keep the belly tight and lower the weight with the elbows in front each time to avoid crashing into your collar bone. Come to complete lock out at the top with the biceps by the ears and the weight over the middle of your body!

Can be done with barbell or dumbbells.

Part 2 (Tricep Pump)
1 Round ONLY
Max Reps Skull Crusher
Max Reps Rolling Tricep Extension
Max Reps Bench Press

For this one you are looking for a weight that you can get at least 10-15 skull crushers before you have to switch.

On the skull crushers you will lie flat on your back either on the ground, a box, or bench with the arms extended over the chest. The elbow and shoulder stay in a line and the only movement comes from the elbow joint. Lower under control and fire up!

On the rolling tricep extension: there will be a slight extension of the shoulder followed by a closing then feeding into a straightening of the elbow. See demo!

You will then use the same weight and rep it out to failure!