We take a break from our regularly scheduled Endurance workouts to bring you this special edition! We recently hit 15k members and as a tradition we have celebrated 5K and 10K by doing a 5K and 10K.

Now - 15K is a LOT - so PLEASE pick something that is appropriate for you - or mix and match things - or spread this out over a few days if you want.

Do NOT do ALL of the listed options here - pick ONE!!!

15k Run

Max Effort 15k Run

For the LOVE - if you haven't been running - do NOT just go out and do this. If you want to help us celebrate - we are TOTALLY fine with you doing a 5k or 10k as well! Heck - you could even just run a single mile and we will take it!!

You can break it up over several days - or do it as a team as well!

Also - if you have a bike, rower, or both available see below for more options.

Rower Only Option:
15K Row

OuchSame advice as for the 15k Run. DO NOT do this if you haven't been putting in a lot of time on the rower lately! You can choose a 5k or 10k as well!

You can break it up over several days - or do it as a team as well!

Bike Option Only
900 Calorie Bike Men
600 Calorie Bike Women

Say WHAT now?

This is just crazy. So just break it up or do it as a team or take a few days - heck all week if you need to.

Score: Total TimeThis is going to take well over an hour - which is a long time on the bike.

Same advice as with the other 2 - lower it to 300/200 - or - 600/400. Or do it as a team - or break it up into like 150 cals per day for a few days.

Do NOT try to do this straight if you haven't at least been doing the bike endurance workouts every week.

Combo Option!!
Combine elements of 2 or more of the above however you want!

Something that Julian and Miranda did for the 10k was took turns doing 1k Run then 1k row for 5 rounds each.

Feel free to do something like that!

Score: Total Time

(Just list how you did it in comments)Again -this can be as a team. This can be drastically shortened. This can be over several days!

Anything you do to help us celebrate our 15k members!