OLY | Week 26

Snatch Warm Up

5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
3 High hang shrugs
3 Above knee shrug
3 Mid shin shrug
3 High hang high pull -
3 Above knee high pull
3 Mid shin high pull
3 High hang muscle snatch
3 Above knee muscle snatch
3 Mid shin muscle snatch
3 Behind the neck jerks
3 Overhead squats
3 High hang snatch
3 Above knee snatch
3 Mid shin snatch

Snatch (2 Reps Every 2 Min for 10 Rounds (20 Min))

This is meant to be 2 singles with minimal rest between reps every 2 min. Start with a weight that is challenging but you are confident in. Add weight as you feel you are ready. If you want to work technique a lot on this one - don't go too heavy.

You may do these as power or full - whatever you want to work on. If you are super new to this movement we recommend either going from the hang or doing a power snatch + overhead squat to start to piece the movement together.

The bar will start on the ground with the feet under the hips and the hands wide (overhead squat grip). Make sure to use that hook grip! (Thumbs wrap around the bar, fingers around the thumb.)

Hinge at the hips and bend the knees. Keep the heels down and arms long. Think of raising the chest!

To pull the bar from the ground think about lifting the chest while driving the heels into the ground. Pull the bar back into the body. Once past the knees you will both pick up speed and rotate the torso to an upright position. Keep the arms straight as you finish the UP hard and fast with the hips and knees. From there shrug the shoulders to start to bring the bar up and start to pull YOURSELF down.

Feet will move out to squat stance as you pull yourself down under the bar. Elbows pull high and outside to keep the bar CLOSE to the body. Avoid swinging it out and away. Press yourself down under the bar and land in a solid overhead squat position. Heels down, knees out, belly tight and chest up, armpits forward, shoulders pulled back and pressing up! Elbows should be locked out and the bar should be over the middle of the body.

Stand with the bar locked out overhead. Drop the bar or lower the bar to the ground.

Hip Extensions
4 x 15
Rest as needed between rounds.

If you do not have a GHD you may sub supermans or light good mornings.

The goal for the hip extensions on the GHD are to make sure you are set up with your hips in front of the pad laying face down with the feet between the rollers.

You will keep the legs straight and hinge only at the hips. There should be no movement in the back. Keep the belly tight and hinge until you are at a 90 degree angle. Squeeze the cheeks to bring you back up!