BUTTS & GUTS | Week 26

10 down to 1

10 Pause Pistols Right
10 Pause Pistols Left
10 Side Lunges Right (w/kb or db)
10 Side Lunges Left (w/kb or db)
9 of each
8 of each
7 of each...

Down to 1

For the pause pistols (single leg squats). Use a target and pause touching the target. Try your best not to plop onto it, but just briefly pause.

For this movement you really have to reach your butt back and try not to allow the knee to roll in with the heel down!

The side lunges are actually very similar. You will hold a KB, DB or Plate at the chest. Reach to the side and into that one leg. Reach the butt back and down.

7 Rounds
30 Seconds Alternating V - Ups
30 Seconds Off


4 Rounds
30 Seconds Plank with Right Hand up
30 Sec Rest
30 Seconds Plank with Left Hand up
30 Sec Rest

For the alternating V-Up you will bring opposite hand to opposite foot with both arm and leg straight.

For the plank - get into a regular plank with the elbows down. Raise one hand out and in front of you. Avoid twisting!