SOGO | Week 23

3 - 4 Rounds

1 Min DB Floor Press
1 Min DB Floor Hammer Press
1 Min Diamond Push up
Rest 2 Min Between Rounds

Score= Weight used for the Presses

Goal= 12-20+ Reps of Each Per RoundFor the DB Floor Press you will basically be doing bench press but laying on the ground.  Make sure you lower under control and PLEASE don't use the ground to help you bounce back up.  The whole point is starting from a dead stop in that sticky spot.  Lock out a the top completely each time.

The DB Floor Hammer Press is the same idea except you will turn the wrists in throughout the full movement - at the bottom, during the press, and at the top.

A diamond push up is simply a push up with your hands close together under your chest.  When you lower down keep your body rigid.  No worming or snaking.  Touch your chest to your hands and press to lock out at the top.

If you are unable to get at least 10-12 reps of any of these movements lower the weight - or for the push ups - go to the knees.

Metcon (No Measure)

Part 2

3-4 Rounds
15 Dips
15 Plate Skull Crushers

Rest as needed between rounds.  Try not to rest too much between movements.

No Score - just get it done!The dips may be on rings, stationary dip station, high parallettes, between two boxes, or even off the front of a bench.

Make sure you lower until your shoulder is lower than your elbows at the bottom with the elbows kept back and in (not flaring out).  Press to complete lock out at the top.

For the skull crushers you will lay on your back and press the weight up over the chest to start.  Moving only at the elbow you will lower the weight to your forehead under control then press back up to lock out at the top.

You may also use a dumbbell or dumbbells if a plate in unavailable.