2 Rounds:

30 Sec Standing Pike with Alternating Bent Knees

10 Scapular Pull-Ups

10 Kip Swings

3 Rounds For Quality:

10 Hollow Hold + Banded Lat Pull Downs

5 Inchworm + 2 Push-Ups

10 V-Ups


Banded lat pull downs in tucked hollow hold / Use a light band

Push-up with knees on the ground


Hollow Hold + Banded Lat Pull Downs

1. Secure a band to a sturdy object (I recommend the post of a rig), making sure you have enough space to stretch the band while fully extended on the ground. The thicker the band, the more difficult the exercise.

2. Lying with your back to the floor, grab the band with both hands and slowly move away from the rig. The farther you move away, the more tension will be on the band, I.e., the more difficult the exercise.

3. Once you have enough tension on the band, extend your body and lift into a hollow hold: Pointed toes, straight legs, squeezed glutes, hips rounded under and pushing the lower back into the ground, shoulders off the floor, arms shoulder-width apart gripping the band.

4. With control, pull the band from overhead, down towards your hips. Your hands should make contact with the tops of your legs.

5. Slowly return your arms to the overhead starting position: Do not allow the band to snap your arms back, train the eccentric (negative) by extending the arms as slowly as possible.

Inchworm + 2 Push-Ups

1. Begin standing with your feet hip width apart.

2. Keeping the legs as straight as possible, bring your chest towards your quads for a hamstring stretch. Hands come onto the floor.

3. Walk your hands forward, until you end in a plank position.

4. Complete two push-ups, focusing on keeping a tight midline, with elbows tracking backward.

5. Walk your hands back towards your feet, getting them as close as possible to intensify the hamstring stretch.

6. Lift your chest, and end each rep in a full stand.


1. Begin laying on the ground, with arms extended overhead, legs straight, and lower back pressing into the floor.

2. Simultaneously lift your upper and lower body off the floor as high as possible, with the goal of tapping your fingertips to your toes. Only your glutes and tailbone will remain on the ground.

3. Control yourself back down to the floor, returning to your active, starting position.

9 Min EMOM (Every minute on the minute):

30 Sec Hanging Leg Lifts to Horizontal

30 Sec Toes to Bar


Lift legs only as high as possible

Only lift legs as high as possible while maintaining rhythm / Kip swings

Hanging Leg Lifts to Horizontal

1. Begin in an active hang on the bar, there should be space between your shoulders and ears.

2. Keeping your legs straight and toes pointed, lift until they become parallel to the ground, or, as high as you can lift them.

3. Control your legs on the way down, back to your active hang, to prevent developing any swinging momentum. You want these leg lifts to be as controlled, and strict, as possible.

Toes to Bar

1. Begin standing directly underneath the pull-up bar, and jump. When catching the bar, land in a hollow position.

2. Immediately drive your heels back, into a superman (arch) position, and you will be ready for your first toes to bar rep.

3. Using your core and hip flexors, swing your legs towards the bar, making contact with your toes. Simultaneously, press the bar towards the floor to help engage your lats.

4. Once your toes make contact, allow your legs to swing back down, gaining momentum, and helping to reposition you back into your superman position.

5. Continue to connect reps using the swing and momentum to your advantage.

6. For additional help, check out the Toes to Bar program under Extra Programs.