BUTTS & GUTS 04/07/2019

5 Rounds
Not For Time

20 Banded Side Step Left
10  Banded Good Morning
20 Banded Side Step Right
10 Good Morning
20 Banded Walk Steps Forward
10 Good Morning
20 Banded Walk Steps Backward
10 Good Morning


4 x For Max Accumulated Time

L - Sit or L-Sit Scaled Hold

May also do L Hang

Rest as needed - at least 30 seconds - between attempts!
Score is total accumulated time in L Sit or Hang!!


This one is pretty self explanatory.  See video for best description.
Just make sure on all of the banded stuff that there is a slight bend in the knee and heels are down.
You can do this with a gymnastics band around the feet or a band like a hip circle around the knees.
See video for option with dumbbells/ barbell if you don't have bands.  Get some though - super cheap and great for butts and guts fun!

Good mornings may be done with the pull up type band or you can use a light barbell if necessary.

For the L Sit or Hang - choose a method or scale that allows you to get at least 20 seconds each time and rest at least 30 seconds between.