FRIDAY SHIFT 06/21/2019


Simple SHIFT Warm Up

3 Rounds
20 Taps
10 Skip Overs
10 Toe Touches
3 No Push Up Inchworm
5 Push Up / Knee Push Up
2 Lunge with Twist Right
2 Lunge with Twist Left
10 Air Squats

Increase speed each round!


10 Rounds
30 Seconds Push Ups
30 Seconds Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
30 Seconds Rest

Idea weight for Men: 30-50# Single DB/KB
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single DB/KB

Score: Total Reps of Both Movements Combined
Goal: 150 Reps!!! (7-10 each per round)


For this one guys it's going to be a shoulder blaster!

Choose a type of push up that will allow you to get at least 7 reps every time. This might be from the knees on the ground. Or maybe you can go on the toes. If necessary you can go elevated on a bench, box, back of the couch!

For the push ups we want the elbows going back and not flaring out. Keep the belly tight and move the torso as one unit. No worming or snaking. Come all of the way down at the bottom and all of the way up at the top!

For the sumo deadlift high pull you will start with the weight between the feet on the ground. Feet are roughly shoulder width apart. Knees are bent. Butt is back, knees are out, heels down. Chest up and belly tight! Stand up hard and fast keeping the arms long! Shrug the shoulders at the top! Then pull the elbows high and outside like you are zipping up your jacket!

Make sure the shoulders stay back. The elbows should go out to the sides and not flare forward! If this causes you any issues at all with your shoulders - you may sub just a reg KB deadlift!