GYMNASTICS 04/28/2019

Street Parking GYMNASTICS is programmed by national level gymnast Kati Breazeal.  This workouts are designed to help you learn and gain control of your body.  If you are interested in adding strength and coordination in the gymnastics movments - these are for you!

2 Rounds
30 Seconds Standing Straddle with Alternating Bent Knees
30 Seconds Lying Twist (Right + Left)
10 Backward Single Arm Circles (Right + Left)

Standing Straddle with Alternating Bent Knees:
1. Begin standing with your feet outside the hips; soft bend in the knees.
2. Hinging at the hips, allow your chest to fall forward, between your legs as much as possible. Allow the arms to extend down, hanging the hands towards the floor.
3. Keeping the left leg straight, bend the right knee and lift only the right heel off the ground.
4. Sink deeper into the stretch (chest between the legs). You should feel the left hamstring stretching, while the right hamstring relaxes.
5. Switch legs: Lock out the right leg, and bend the left knee, lifting the left heel off the ground.
6. Sink into the stretch as much as possible.
7. Continue alternating back and forth between both sides.

Lying Twist:
1. Begin lying on the floor, stomach to ground, legs together, arms extended out to the sides.
2. Press your left hand into the floor, and use it to help lift your left shoulder, and twist your torso towards the right arm. The left side of your chest should slowly peel off the floor.
3. As you are twisting your upper body, take your left foot, and place it on the side of your right knee. Allow your left knee to drop to the floor towards your right arm, which will help you twist (and thus, stretch) a little more.
4. Return to your starting position, and repeat on the right side.

EMOM 12 Minutes
(Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Minutes)
Min 1: 30 Seconds Planché Plank
Min 2: 30 Seconds Dual Dumbbell Lat Raises (Moderate weight)
Min 3: 30 Seconds Bicycles

**Enter weight used for Lat Raises for score.

Planché plank with knees on the ground / Regular plank / Regular plank with knees on the ground
Use light weight
Do not extend the leg forward

Planche Plank:
1. Begin with your hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Fingers should be spread and gripping the ground for stability.
2. Set your shoulders directly over your wrists.
3. Your legs will be extended straight behind you, with your feet together, and only the toes/balls of your feet in contact with the ground (heels will the off the ground).
4. Squeeze your glutes and tuck your hips under (as if you were a dog with it’s tail between its legs) to engage the core and flatten out the lower back. No sagging allowed.
5. Reinforce shoulder extension by "pushing the floor away", which will slightly round the upper back. At this point, every muscle should be engaged and working to stay tight.
6. Once set, press your toes into the ground and lift your heels higher to shift your weight forward. You want move your shoulders from being stacked over your wrists, to being farther forward, over your fingertips.

Dual Dumbbell Lat Raises:
1. Begin standing with your feet together, dumbbells in hand with your arms hanging down. The dumbbells should be resting on the front of your quads.
2. Keeping the arms straight, lift the dumbbells overhead to reach full extension.
3. Slowly bring the dumbbells back down, keeping the arms straight.
4. The goal is to keep the midline engaged and tight during each rep, and only use the lats to raise and lower the arms.

1. Begin in a hollow position on the ground, with your hands behind your head.
2. Bend your right knee.
3. Twist your torso until your left elbow hits the top of your right knee.
4. Return to your hollow position.
5. Bend the left knee, and twist your torso until you touch your right elbow to the left knee.
6. Return to your hollow position and continue alternating sides.
7. Make sure to keep your lower back pressing into the ground at all times throughout the set.

3 Rounds for Quality
Rest as Needed Between Rounds

30 Seconds Continuous Work: Box Handstand Shoulder Taps
3 Forward Rolls from High Box
10 Headstand + Pike Extensions

Regular Plank / Drop knees to the floor
Roll from short box / Roll on the floor only / Roll on pillows
Less range of motion (feet do not come down to the floor) / Tuck to Headstand Extensions / Static headstand hold / Static tucked headstand hold

Box Handstand Shoulder Taps:
1. Begin in a Box Handstand Hold, with your legs straight and toes on the box.
2. To initiate the shift, press your left hand into the ground, with the goal of pushing your left shoulder into your left ear until they make contact. This will shift your body to be centered over your left hand.
3. Carefully lift your right hand off the floor, tap your right shoulder, and return to your normal handstand.
4. Press your right hand into the ground, and push your right shoulder into your right ear.
5. Once your body is centered over the right hand, lift the left hand, tap your left shoulder, and return to your normal handstand.

Forward Rolls from High Box:
1. Begin standing in front of your tall box, with your feet hip-width apart, arms by your sides.
2. Squat down to the floor, and set your hands on the floor in front of you. Step each foot onto the box, and bring your hips over your hands as much as possible, as this will help create a very easy "tip over".
3. Tuck your chin into your chest as much as possible. You will stare are your belly button for the entire rotation, which will protect the head and neck. Do not keep a straight neck during the forward roll. Only the back of your head (Ladies, think of where a ponytail is) should touch the floor as you roll. The more you tuck your head in, the safer your neck will be.
4. To initiate the roll, your elbows will have a slow, consistent bend, until you find yourself rolling down one vertebrae at a time from the box to the floor. Make sure the elbows continuously bend, slowly lowering your body to the floor. Do not keep straight arms.
5. Your feet will land on the floor in front of you, setting you in a safe, seated position.
6. Once comfortable, you may increase speed, by moving faster through the steps.
7. To stand more quickly, pull your heels into your glutes, and shift your shoulders forward, fully over your toes to land in a low squat. Stand.

Headstand + Pike Extensions:

1. Begin in a Headstand Hold.
2. Keeping the legs together and straight, carefully lower the toes to the floor until they make light contact.
3. As soon as the toes touch the floor, use your core to lift your straight legs back to your starting Headstand Hold.