POWER 04/21/2019

Deadlift (6 x 5)

Add weight each set as long as you are still moving well.
Rest as needed between sets.

Start with the bar on the ground.  Feet are under the hips with the heels down.  Knees are bent slightly with the knees behind the bar.  There is a hinge from the hips and chest is over the bar but pulled up with straight arms.  Back is flat.

To lift the bar brace through the belly.  Then drive the heels down as you pull the chest up.  Actively pull the bar into the body as you stand.

Once you are standing all of the way up with the bar you will reach the butt back and slide the bar down the body.  Keep the chest up.  No excessive bounce at the bottom.  Sets of 5 should be touch and go.

Weighted Hip Extension/Good Morning (5 x 8)

Use what equipment you haveFor these you will either hold a plate at the chest and perform the movement on a GHD or you will do a good morning with the bar on your back.

Focus for either one will be to keep the back flat and keep the legs pretty straight.  Go LIGHT if this is new for you.

Goal would be to get to 90 degrees but if you are unable to keep a flat back position due to strength or flexibility, you may shorten to a range of motion where you can move correctly!