SOGO 03/10/2019

12 Min EMOM
Min 1-
8 DB Strict Press with 3 Sec Negative
Min 2-
6 Strict Pull Ups

RX Plus - HSPU in place of Strict Press
L-Pull Ups

If you don't get all 8 reps because it is super heavy - that's ok.  Goal is 5-8 reps so choose a weight that is difficult enough in that rep range.  If you don't have appropriate dumbbells you may sub barbell strict press.

Those strict press may be seated or standing.  Keep the belly tight with the rib cage down.  On lockout biceps should be by the ears.

For the pull ups you may sub banded strict, or even a jump up with slow negative.

Dumbbell Bench Press (4 x 15)

All the way down and touch the dumbbells to shoulder/chest.  All the way locked out at the top.
Go as heavy as possible for 15 reps.
May sub barbell if necessary to make these heavy enough.

2 Part Blaster
4 Rounds
10 DB Single Arm Row Right
10 DB Single Arm Row Left
6 DB/Barbell Tempo Bent Over Rows

Rest as needed between rounds.
Score is Bent Over Row weight.

For the single arm rows you may lean against a bench, your squat rack, or even the wall to brace (see video).  You will start with the arm straight and  by reaching the elbow back and pulling with the mid/upper back pull the dumbbell to the rib cage.  No tempo for these.  Pull and lower under control.  Do all 10 on one side then all 10 on the other.

For the 6 reps of tempo rows you may use dumbbells or a barbell.  Go lighter than you think.  You will hinge at the hips with the bar or dumbbells just lower than the knees - hit a 3 count pull up and a 3 count lower back to the beginning!