SOGO 03/24/2019

Part 1
4 Rounds

3-5 Weighted Pull Ups
5-7 Strict Pull Ups
7-10 Kipping Pull Ups

Rest as needed between rounds.

Scaling below!

If you did weighted you can track your weight.  Otherwise just enter 0 and put what you did in comments!Many of us will need to scale this one!  No problem.  You may try - 5 Strict, 7 Kipping, 10 banded.  Or even further to 1-3-5.

Or you could go as simple as - 5 jump with slow lower, 7 banded, 10 ring row (or even barbell or dumbbell bent over row).

Whatever it is for you - just do: hardest, moderate, easiest version of a pull up type movement and feel free to change reps too!

These DO not have to be one big long unbroken set.  BUT each part should be unbroken.  SO you should do 5 unbroken weighted or difficult pull ups - the 7 of medium difficulty - then  10 of less difficult.

Part 2
3 Rounds


7 Reps Curl from bottom to halfway up
7 Reps Curls from halfway up to top
7 Reps Curls full Range of motion

Go lighter than you think!

Anyone who has spent a lot of time in a conventional gym - knows about 21s right??

So these can be done with a barbell or dumbbells.  Make sure on the bottom to halfway ones you start fully extended at the bottom.

Make sure on the halfway to all of the way up ones that you don't go lower than 90 degrees and come all of the way up.

On the full range ones - ALL of the way down and all of the way up!!

These should be done as 7-7-7 without putting the weight down!