OLY 03/24/2019

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean (7 x 2 (2=ground+hang))

First Power Clean rep is from the ground - lower to the hang - complete Hang Power CleanPower means that you don't have to go all of the way down into the squat for this movement.

You may choose a weight that will be challenging for all 7 sets or you may add weight as you go and feel good.

Rest as needed between sets - but not TOO long.  Roughly 2 min between is a good marker.

For the first rep the bar will start on the ground.  Your feet are under your hips.  Heels down.  Bar close to the body.  Knees bent, but hips higher than the knees.  Chest up.  Back flat.  Arms straight.  Use that hook grip! (Thumb around the bar - fingers around your thumb).

In a controlled pull - start to pull the bar off of the ground by raising the chest but also driving through the heels!  Keep the bar close to the body as you do this!

Once you get past the knees and about midway up the thigh, pick up speed!  Keep those heels down as you get the chest up and JUMP UP - not forward and shrug the shoulders with the arms still straight.  Keep the bar close as you pull the bar up the body with the elbows going high and outside  (like you are zipping up your jacket).  As you are pulling up - start to pull yourself down.

Since the weight will be heavy you wil allow the feet to move out slightly - to your squat stance.  As you pull under - you will shoot those elbows around and thorugh QUICKLY - allowing the bar to land in a solid position on the shoulder with a loose grip.  Butt reaches back and knees go out - as you catch in a partial front squat.

Stand completely to finish the rep.

From here you will lower the bar back to the hang position (at the hip/waist).  Move the feet back under the hips.  Dip the chest forward slightly, bend the knees slightly, keep the arms straight and heels down.  From here you will re-direct and jump UP again - performing another power clean.

Clean Pull (5 x 4)

You will do this at 125% of your heaviest lift from the complex before.

Here you do the portion of the clean from the ground to when you jump.  No pull with the arms or elbows.  Basically you are doing the deadlift and shrug portion.

Focus on the big UP part of this movement.  Control off of the ground and explode once you are in the middle of the thigh!  Keep those heels down as long as possible.

Glute-Ham Raises (4 x 6 May sub with good mornings if necessary )

Really what we are looking for here are TEMPO GHRs or Good Mornings.  GHR if you have a buddy to hold the feet on the ground or if you have a GHD.  Otherwise you are doing good mornings with the bar on your back (light since these are tempo).

We want a 5 second lower, 2 second pause at the bottom, and explode up!

For GHRs you may use the ground or a box to push off of.  If you need to scale the distance for your level of strength - that is ok.  Main focus is try not to shoo the butt up to help you come up.  This is like a giant hamstring curl!  Make sure you are doing this at at the END of your workout and that you are sufficiently warm.  Start easy and build range of motion as you feel comfortable.

For the good mornings the bar is on your back.  You will hinge at the hips and allow a SLIGHT softening of the knees.  Only go as low as you can keep a flat back position.  Squeeze the butt to come up!