BUTTS & GUTS 03/24/2019

Butts FIRST!

Every 2 Min for 12 Min (6 Rounds)
12 Sumo Stance RDLs
12 Walking Lunges

RX Men - Try 50#ish DBs
RX Women - Try 30-35#ish DBs

Every 2 min you do the 12 and 12 and rest for the remainder of the time.

The Sumo RDLs are done in a sumo stance - which is slightly wider than your squat stance.  Toes should be turned out slightly.
You will hinge at the hips and allow a slight bend in the knees. Keep the dumbbells or barbell close to the body by actively pulling it back.  Keep the back flat / chest up and heels down.
Bring the weight to about mid-shin - not all the way down.  Squeeze the butt to stand up.
For the lunges you can hold the dumbbells however you want - either to the side or at the shoulder.  If you are using a bar, you may use front or back rack!

6 Around the Worlds
24 Russian Twists

Weight for Russian Twists - Up to you but try -
Men - 25-35#
Women - 15-20#

An around the world is hanging from the pull up bar and keeping the legs as straight as possible - make big circle from the hips.
Try not to use any momentum!
Scale to knees around the world if necessary.
This movement can also be done on the ground with the hands down to the sides!
One rep is just around once.  Not both ways.  So each round is 3 x both ways.
For the Russian twists you may use a dumbbell, plate, or med ball.  Each tap will equal 1 rep!
Keep repeating the 6 and 24 as many times as possible for 8 minutes!!