OLY 03/03/2019

Muscle Clean (6 x 2)

This movement is all about the UP portion of the clean.  There is no pull under or rebend of the knees.  Start light and focus on power and speed.  You may add weight as long as the turnover still fast!

The bar will start on the ground with the feet under the hips.  Hinge at the waist, bend the knees slightly, keep the heels down.  Keep the chest up and back flat with the arms straight.  The bar should be very close to the body.

Stand and pull the bar by digging the heels into the ground as you lift your chest and pull the bar in close to the body!  From here, you will finish the up by scooping the hips under and almost JUMPING with the bar once past the knees.  Shrug the shoulders - then pull the elbows high and outside - rotate the elbows back through QUICKLY and get the bar on the shoulder with the elbows high!

No - rebend.

Rest as needed between sets.

Hang Clean (6 x 3)

For this movement you are focusing on the down portion of the movement.  The bar will start at the waist in the hang position.

You will dip the chest forward and reach the hips back and bend the knees slightly keeping the bar close to the body.

From here you will once again stand and JUMP shrug the shoulders and move the elbows around quickly - this time you will pull YOURSELF down instead of focusing on pulling the bar up.

Your feet will move out to your squat stance and you will pull under into a solid front squat.

Weight in heels, knees out, butt lower than the knees, chest up, elbows high, belly tight.