BUTTS & GUTS 03/03/2019

7 Rounds
Not Really for Time

10 Jumping Squats
10 DB Snatch to Lunge Right
10 DB Snatch to Lunge Left
10 Slow Negative DB Stiff Legged Deadlift

Idea for weight-
30s-50s for Men
15-35s for Women

Score is what weight dumbbells you use for the booty part of today's Butts and Guts -

You will do 10 jumping squats.  You will lower to the bottom of the squat - heels down, knees out, butt lower than the knees, chest up.  You will jump from that position all the way to extension of hips and knees driving through the heels.

For the dumbbell snatch + lunge - you will start with the dumbbell between your feet.  You will perform a dumbbell snatch by pulling from a slightly bent knee + chest up position.  Once the dumbbell is locked out overhead with the bicep by the ear - you will perform a reverse lunge.  As you get comfortable you can try to combine this 2 parted movement.

Do all reps on one side then all reps on the other.

For the stiff legged deadlifts you will hold 2 dumbbells at the waist.  Hinge at the hips with the back flat and heels down.  Reach the butt back and keep the dumbbells close to the body.  Keep the knees pretty straight but soft (not completely locked out).  Once you hit the middle of the shin.  Squeeze the butt to stand up.

4 Rounds
Not for Time

8 Ring/TRX Band Knee Tucks
16 Love Taps


For the Ring or TRX Band Tucks you will put your feet through the rings with your hands out in a plank position out front.  You will pull the knees to the chest, then back out to plank.

You may try doing one knee at at time if necessary.  If you do not have the TRX Band or Rings to use - you may roll a yoga ball in or do pike ups with feet on the box.

The love taps will be with you sitting on the ground with the feet extended out front.  The kettlebell will be by the feet.  Keeping the legs straight, lift the feet up and over and tap the feet on the other side.  Then pick them up and go back ove to the other side.  Every lift up and over is one rep.