GYMNASTICS 03/03/2019

7 MIN Headstand Press to Support Practice
Put 7 Min on the clock and practice one of the variations of a controlled raising of the lower body into a headstand position.The ultimate goal of this would be to eventually be able to do all of this stuff in a handstand, but here we are working toward first getting a free standing headstand and learning body control through these drills.

If you have injuries or issues going upside down, be careful with this one and go at your own pace!

Make sure hands and head are in a tri-pod position (Hands more in front of the face as if you had a barbell in the front rack).  All of you yogis out there may also choose to lay the forearms on the ground instead of the hands.

If doing these free standing you will place head and hands on the ground and then pike the feet out straight.  From here you can keep the legs straight and squeeze the butt to bring the feet up - or you may tuck the knees in and then press the legs straight.  Make sure if you are doing these free standing that you are comfortable rolling out of it if possible.

Otherwise you may do one of the variations on the wall.  Do not do these fast and hold the top position for a few seconds before coming down!

7 Min EMOM
3-6 of the following complex performed every minute for 7 min:

2 Second L Hold
1 Kip Swing
1 Toes to Bar

So one time through that is 1 rep.  Repeat for 3-6 reps each minute.You will hang from the bar and lift the legs into an L position.  Hold for 2 seconds.

From here you will lower the legs and pull your head and chest through in an arch position.  Then you will press against the bar and swing the feet forward into a hollow position.  That is 1 kip swing.

From there you will once again pull the head and chest through as the feet go behind and press into the bar as you bring the toes up!

If you are unable to do the L hang you may do a knee tuck hang.

If you are unable to do toes to bar you may do a knee up or knee to elbow.

Your score is how many total reps you did through out.

So if you did 5 per min for 7 min your score is 35.  Write what version you did in the comments.

Accumulate 3 Min in a Pike Plank Hold
Start the clock.  Hold for as long as possible.  Make a note of how long.  Rest as needed.  Go up again and hold...

Once your total "HOLD" time = 3 min you are done.

Your score though is your TOTAL time.

RX + - Put your feet in or on something unstable like in your rings or TRX bands or on a stability ball.For this it is NOT a normal plank.  We want to be even a little more hollow and we want to see the hands more out in front instead of stacked perfectly under the shoulders.  Use the abs to pull UP!  Push the ground away with the shoulders.