OLY | WEEK 45 | 11/03/2019


Barbell Clean Warm Up


Tall Cleans (3 Sets of 5 (Lightly Building))

From the hang position and no dip/drive. Clean the bar to the shoulder while dropping into a solid front squat position landing.This movement will REALLY focus on your ability to pull under the bar quickly. Start with the bar at the hang position. With no dip and drive from the hips and knees you will SHRUG and immediately pull under into the front squat. You are going to have to be FAST with the lower body and feet. And FAST with the elbows coming around and through.

Start super light for first set - probably the empty bar and only add as you are able to keep speed and use no assistance from the legs and hips.

Clean Pull + Clean (7 Sets of 2. 2 = 1 Clean Pull + 1 Full Clean)

Must be touch and go. No dropping.To be performed on a 20 min clock. Warm up reps do not count. All 7 sets should be challenging but not "max" effort. Goal is going heavy while working technique.

For the clean pull you will set up for your clean with the bar on the ground. Heels are down, hands outside of the legs, chest up, bar close, arms straight, knees bent, hips a bit higher than knees, chest higher than hips.

Pull from the ground in CONTROL and once past the knees pick up speed. Keep the heels down as you lift and bring the chest vertical and then explode through the hips and shrug to start to make the bar weightless. Shoulders should be BEHIND the bar before you start to shrug and extend! Focus on pulling the bar into the body throughout.

Lower back to the ground and use the same technique for the first part of your clean. Only difference is that you will pull under into a front squat position after the shrug to finish the full clean.

Make sure you pull under fast and land in a solid front squat position with the heels down, knees out, chest up, butt lower than knees, belly tight, elbows high, bar on the shoulders. Stand by leading with the elbows, driving through the heels, and pushing the knees out to complete.

(As Many Reps as Possible in 3 Min)

Squat Clean Singles

Goal: 20+
Score: You will enter weight used. Enter number of reps completed in the comments.In 3 min you will do as many SINGLES - must be dropped or lowered with a complete re-set for each new rep.

Choose a weight that will allow you to get roughly 7 per minute - or a little bit faster than 1 every 10 seconds. Focus on technique - a good set up - and good catch on each rep.