OLY 2.17.19

Overhead Squat (6 x 3)

How heavy you go for this workout and whether or not you add weight each time will be completely up to how comfortable you are with this movement.  If you are super new to this movement - DON'T GET FRUSTRATED!!

You are strong enough - its about position and mobility!  So don't go heavier with crappy positioning just to suit your own ego!!  Practice good positions first!

What are those positions?

You will have the bar locked out overhead with a wide grip (snatch grip) and armpits forward.  Press up and pull back on the bar and keep the ribs down.

Feet are in squat stanch under the shoulders.  To initiate the squat you will reach your butt back and down as you drive your knees out.  Keep the heels down and chest up.  Your head will come forward slightly, which means you will have the bar slightly behind your head at the bottom.

Get your butt below your knees, then stand back up.  Keep pressing into the bar!

At the top you do not want to have the bar behind your head.  Make sure you return it to back over the top of your head at the top!

Weighted Pistol (5 x 10 (5 each side per set))

Holding a KB or DB in the goblet position - perform a single leg squat (pistol)If pistols are new for you - do them unweighted.  You may even practice them holding onto the rack or using a ball as a target for stability.

Biggest keys here BEFORE you are ready to add weight are to keep your heel down throughout and keep the knee from caving in!!

If you are able to do that and want to try adding weight you will hold the weight at the chest.

For each set you will do 5 on one leg and then 5 on the other.

Reach the butt back and allow the chest to come forward.  You REALLY have to reach the butt back.  Keep the other leg out in front of you and keep the heel off of the ground.  The goal would be to get the butt below the knee at the bottom and drive up out of the heel!

MIranda AlcarazOLY, Accessories