BUTTS & GUTS 2.17.19

5 Rounds

30 Seconds Single Leg Deadlift Right
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Single Leg Deadlift Left
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Flutter Kicks
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Glute Bridges



Dumbbell Plank Pull Across
Rest 1 Min

Men RX: 40-50# DB
Women RX 25#ish DB

Score is weight you use for Single Leg Deadlift

Go through the 5 Rounder first.  Pick a weight that you will be able to do at least 10 reps on those single leg deadlifts.  You can either hold a single dumbbell in the OPPOSITE hand from the foot that stays planted - OR - you can have a lighter dumbbell in each hand.

Allow the knee to bend slightly.  Keep the heel down.

For the flutter kicks, lift the shoulders and the legs - press the low back into the ground and try to maintain contact throughout.

You can place your hands under your butt or to the side.

For the glute bridges you can do these with the shoulders on the ground or elevated on a bench/box.  You may do these weighted or place your dumbbells at your hips (or a single dumbbell).  Feet roughly hip width apart.  Knees bent.  Drive through the heels and squeeze the butt to lift the hips up.

On the dumbbell pull across plank, keep the butt down!  The goal is to pass the dumbbell from side to side back and forth without too much twisting happening in the hips!