POWER | WEEK 44 | 10/27/2019


Following a 30 minute clock:
0:00 - 5 Back Squats
3:00 - 5 Back Squats
6:00 - 5 Back Squats
10:00 - Max reps Back Squat (SINGLE. SET)

15:00 - 5 Bench Press
18:00 - 5 Bench Press
21:00 - 5 Bench Press
25:00 - Max reps Bench Press

27:00 - 3 min AMRAP of
1 Push Up
1 Squat Jump


SCORE #1: Put in heaviest back squat weight and how many reps you did for your max set.
SCORE #2: Put in weight for heaviest bench press and put how many reps you did for your max set
Goal - Good and safe movement. At least 5 reps for max set but no more than 15!

For these Squats and Bench Press sets, add load between each set. Take smaller jumps with the Bench Press.Make sure that you can get at least 5 reps in the max reps set but if you get more than 15, it's probably too light!

For the back squat: The bar will be on the back. The feet should be shoulder width apart. Heels down. Raise the chest and tighten the belly. Reach the butt back and down and drive the knees out. Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom. No collapsing or rounding the back at the bottom! Drive through the heels, lead with the chest, keep the belly tight, and push the knees out as you come up! Stand all of the way up at the top.

Since these are heavy reps take a moment to re-set the core/midline and lift the chest before going down for each rep.

For the bench press: We HIGHLY suggest for heavy weight and max sets that you have a spotter. If you do not - please do not put clips on your bar (so you can dump off of the side), go lighter than you would if you had a spot, and if you want even use dumbbells.

Unrack the bar with the hands just outside of shoulder width. Make sure the shoulder blades are pulled back and down and that your heels are either on the floor or on a stack of plates if you don't have long legs. Bring the bar to a locked out position over the chest. Lower under control with the elbows going back and not flaring out but going down more toward the ribs. Touch the chest under control. Dig the heels in but keep the butt on the bench as you press to a fully locked position at the top. Wrap your thumb around the bar to prevent it from slipping! Be careful and smart if benching alone!

For the 3 minute AMRAP, just work constantly for 3 minutes. Take a moment to set yourself up in a proper starting position before each rep. If you are unable to jump you may do a fast air squat but keep the feet on the floor!