SANDBAG | WEEK 44 | 10/27/2019


20 Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder
10 Sandbag Row (L)
10 Sandbag Row (R)
10 Sandbag Burpee

Ideal Sandbag Weights:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 25-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal: 20 Min

For this workout you will start with 20 sandbag shoulder to shoulder reps.

This is basically a push press from one shoulder to the other.

Start with the bag on one shoulder with the hands underneath it. Dip by bending the knees and pushing the butt back slightly. Make sure the heels stay down, knees don't cave in, and chest stays up. Stand up hard and fast to pop the bag off of the shoulder. Press it up over your head and lower onto the other side.

If comfortable when lowering absorb with a dip and allow that to send you into the next rep.

For the rows you will hold the sandbag by the handles in one hand only. Bend at the hip and allow a slight bend at the knee. Keep the belly tight, chest up, and heels down. Pull the bag into your body with the elbow going back. Arm will hang straight from the shoulder at the bottom. Control both the up and down of each rep.

You will do 10 with one arm then 10 with the other.

If your bag has no handles you may sub 20 bent over rows with 2 hands.

The sandbag burpee is just that. Do a burpee with the chest hitting the bag, jump or step the feet in, get into a good set up with chest up and knees bent - arms straight gripping the bag. Then you will stand up hard and fast with straight arms until you finish with your hips and knees. Guide the bag up keeping it close to your body. Press to lock out over your head.