POWER | WEEK 43 | 10/20/2019


Part 1:

Every 2 Min for 10 Min
(5 total Sets)

7 Deadlifts

Rest 3 minutes before Part 2Use the same load for all five sets, spend at least 10 minutes building up to your working weight which should be heavy but not so heavy that form deteriorates in the final sets. Think roughly 60-70% of 1RM if you have that info.

For the deadlift you will set up with your shins close to the bar. Feet are between hip and shoulder width with heels down. We suggest for this heavy lift that you think of lifting the chest BEFORE you even hinge at the hips to grab the bar. Take a big breath in and pull the shoulders back.

Grip the bar just outside of the legs and pull it into your body. There should be a hinge at the hips, bend at the knees. Shoulders higher than hips, hips higher than knees. (Not a squat position - NOT a stiff legged position).

To lift think of lifting the chest as you drive your heels into the ground. Keep the belly tight and actively pull the bar into the body. The bar should basically be in contact with your legs the entire way up.

Stand completely at the top. Squeeze the belly. Re-set shoulders and belly before returning to the ground. Reach the butt back, pull the bar in, keep chest up and belly tight. Slide the bar down the legs. and control!!

Part 2:

Every 2 Min for 10 Min
(5 Total Sets)

8-10 STRICT Pull-Ups

May enter total reps completed in score. (Not an AMRAP - just enter total reps - should not exceed 50)Use bands or switch to ring rows/supine barbell rows if you need to in order to keep the pull-ups strict for all 5 sets with at least 8 reps.

These do not have to be unbroken sets, but we want to see at least 1 min rest.