SANDBAG | WEEK 43 | 10/20/2019


15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

16 Drag and Pull (Alternating)
12 Suitcase Lunge (Left)
12 Suitcase lunge (Right)

Ideal Sandbag weights:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 25-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal: 4 Rounds +

For the drag and pull you will start in a plank position with the bag down between the legs by the hips. Grab with right hand and drag it up until it is past your head in front of you. With that same hand - pull it back to where you started. Then switch hands. Each drag + pull = 1 rep. You will alternate right and left per rep for a total of 8 drag + pulls per arm per set.

The goal here is to keep a solid plank position, and allow a slight rotation in the drag and pull. Don't allow the butt to get too high or the hips to sag. Keep the belly tight!

The idea of the suitcase lunge is just that. Hold it like a suitcase and lunge (we love the reverse lunge the best for this). You will hold the bag in the same hand as the forward foot. So for example - you will hold the bag in your right hand and step back for a reverse lunge with your left. The bag is next to the front leg/knee at the bottom of the lunge.

If you are not tall...and the bag hits the ground - you have 3 options. Go with it, bend the arm a bit at the bottom (this is what Julian is doing in the demo video), or if it's all a big hassle based on your height and bag - just throw it up on your shoulder and do them that way!