5-8 Rounds
10 Step Ups Right
20 KB/DB Deadlifts
10 Step Ups Left

Idea deadlift weight for men: 50-70# (total)
Idea deadlift weight for women: 35-50# (total)

Goal time: 15 min or less

**added 3 extra rounds as an option this time!  If you finish 5 under 10 min - do 3 more!

For this workout you will find a height that is challenging for you, but safe with no pain or issues to step up on.

For those step ups you will place your whole foot on the step (or box, or pile of plates, or bench - whatever).  You will drive off of the heel and make sure the knee is not caving in as you stand.  Bring the other foot on top of the step completely but use the same foot to do the work the whole time.  So you will will step up with the right foot and leave the right foot on the step as you step down for 10 total reps.

After 10 reps on the right you will move onto the deadlifts.

These may be performed with either a kettlebell between the legs, a single dumbbell between the legs, or 2 dumbbells held outside of the legs.

The object(s) will start on the ground.  The heels should be down, knees bent, a hinge at the hip with the chest forward but UP, back flat, arms straight.  You will STAND by driving the heels down and lifting the chest.  All you need to do to complete the lift is stand up!  Keep those same good positions (BACK FLAT) as you lower the weight back to the ground!!

You will then perform 10 step ups on the other side.

Go through this 5 total times!  Your score is your time!!

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