This workout was posted exactly (well almost exactly) 3 months ago - on May 20.  If you have been following SP gymnastics - we thought you would enjoy seeing how you have improved!

Part 1 - Handstand Technique Practice

Put 7 Min on the Clock and Work on one of the following:

Kicking up into a handstand on the wall.

Shoulder Taps in a handstand on the wall.

Kicking up to a freestanding handstand.

Shoulder taps with a freestanding handstand.

10-20' Handstand Walks

Handstand walk over an object.

We will put a demo of all of these options into the video.  Find one that is hard for you, but something you can make progress with (you are close).

Things to focus on - splay the fingers and use the WHOLE hand and fingertips to balance.

Keep the belly tight.

Squeeze the butt cheeks.

Practice shifting your weight but not allowing a lot of movement from the body.

No score - just put which option you did in comments.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Part 2
7 Min EMOM
3 - 5 Handstand Push Ups

Find a method that is difficult for you.  Put your total reps as your score and how you did them in the comments.


Pike on Box

Kick Up - Slow Lower - Kick Down (Only do this if you can REALLY control the lower)



Deficit Kipping

Deficit Strict

If you have never been inverted before - start with the pike on the box.  These are NOT easy!!

No matter which version you choose - remember the goal is to make a tripod with your 2 hands and head.  Your hands should be about 6" or so away from the wall when you kick up.  When you come down your head should be closer to the wall than your hands - NOT right in between them.  Think of where your hands would be if you were doing either dumbbell or barbell push press and try to mimic that.

If you are kipping bring your knees all of the way to your elbows at the bottom.  Kick out and around.  Finish the kick before you press.

Drive your head through your arms at the top.  Keep the belly tight.

DO NOT under any circumstances come down FAST.  Show control on the descent.

Metcon (Time)

5 Min Max Accumulated Chin over Bar Hold

Yep - you saw that.

Regular palms facing forward grip.  Hold for as long as you can.  Break when you need to.  Your score is total time from all of the holds you get during the 5 min!


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