OLY 8.19.18

Hang Clean (8 x 2 (Every 2 Min for 16 Min))

For these cleans we are ideally looking for a full clean each time!  This means you will land in the bottom of a squat and stand up before the next rep.

To begin this lift you will deadlift the bar to the waist.  Feet are roughly hip width apart.  Arms are striaight and hands are just outside of the legs.  Weight is in the heels.  Think of lifting the chest and tightening the belly.  From here, you will dip the chest forward and pull the bar into the body. Keep the arms straight and allow the bar to slide down the leg as you hinge at the hips and bend the knees slightly.  Keep those heels down.  Once you are just above the knee you will stand up hard and fast (almost think to JUMP) while driving through the heels!  Arms stay straight until you have finished with the legs and hips!

From here you will shrug the shoulder and pull YOURSELF down under the bar.  To keep the bar close to the body the elbows will go high and outside as you go down!  Bring the elbows around hard and fast.  Feet move out to squat stance. And you catch the bar on the front of the shoulder with the elbows up.  Hips are below the knees.  Knees are out.  Chest is up.  Belly tight.  Stand by leading with the chest and elbows.

Lower the bar back to the "hang" or to the waist to perform next rep.

Clean Pull (5 x 3)

This drill focuses on the UP portion of the lift!

The bar will start on the ground.  Your feet will be roughly shoulder width apart, hands just outside of the legs.  You will have a hinge at the hip and a bend at the knee with the chest SLIGHTLY over the bar.  Flat back (chest up).  Weight in heels.  Knees forward and out slightly.  Arms straight.

To perform the lift you will bring the bar off of the floor by digging in the heels and lifting the chest.  Pull the bar in close to the body.  Once past the knee you will increase the speed you are moving and finally right when you are about to be at the hip with the bar you will explode UP and shrug the shoulders.  Make the bar weightless using no pull at all from the arms.

You may hold onto the bar and lower back to the ground for the next rep or drop and re-set.

MIranda AlcarazOLY