3 Rounds
1 Min Taps or Run/Row/Bike
15 KB/DB Deadlifts
1 Min Taps or Run/Row/Bike
15 Goblet Squats

Idea weight for Men: 35-55# KB or 2 X 25# DBs

Idea weight for Women: 12-15# KB or 2 X 10# DBs

Use what you have!

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min

For this workout you can choose between taps, jogs, rowing, biking, or even single unders.

For the deadlifts you can either do a dumbbell in each hand or you can do a single dumbbell of kettlebell between the feet.  For this moment the object(s) will start on the ground.  The heels should stay down and you should bend the knees.  The object is either IN BETWEEN (not way out in front) of your feet or right to the sides of each foot.  Lift your chest and make sure your back is flat!  Simply drive the heels down and lift the chest to stand up completely.  Squeeze your butt at the top.

When you are putting the KBs back down you will reach the butt back, keep the chest lifted, and bend the knees!

For the goblet squats you will hold either a single dumbbell or a single kettlebell at the chest. Feet should be shoulder width apart and heels are down.  Reach the butt back and down and keep the chest lifted.  Drive the knees out as you go down.  Ideally you will get the butt lower than the knees WITH the chest up and knees out.

If you kind of collapse when you go that low - first step is to lose the weight and do these as just air squats.

From here if you need to scale further for any reason you can go to a higher target or use a wall or chair to assist you.  Still focus on keeping those heels down and knees out though!