Metcon (Weight)


4 Rounds
12 Good Mornings
8  Split Squats Right
8 Split Squats Left
1 Min Rest

Men - Try between 95-135 # for the Good Mornings, 40-50 # DBs for the Split Squats

Women: Try 65-95 # for the Good Mornings, 25-35# DBs for the Split Squats

Post weight used for Good Mornings.

Rest as little as possible between sets.

For the good mornings, the bar will be on your back. Tighten the belly and push the chest up.  Bend at the waist by reaching the hips back.  Knees may soften, but for the most part stay straight.  If you can maintain a good back position - go to 90 degrees.  If not, just go as low as your strength and flexibility will allow.

Squeeze your butt to stand up.

For the split squats, back leg will be slightly elevated.  You will hold a dumbbell in each hand and will lower until the knee kisses the ground.  Drive through the front heel to stand.

Be careful of rolling forward onto the toe or allowing the knee to cave in.  Do all of these reps under control.

Metcon (No Measure)


8 Min:

Max Plank Hold

Every time you come down - complete 8 Love Taps

Plank should be on the toes and the elbows.  Do not allow yourself to sag.  If you start to sag - come down and do the love taps!  Goal is to either be holding or tapping the entire 8 min!

Every "tap" counts as a rep.  Fight to keep the legs straight.

You will sit on the ground and lift the legs (straight) up and over the object.  Do not DROP the heels to the ground once you are over.  Lower them under control and just "tap"!