FRIDAY 6.15.18

15 Min AMRAP
4 Burpee
8 Box Jump Overs
12 Wall Balls

RX Men: 20#ish Ball, 24"ish Box
RX Women: 13-15# Ball, 20" ish Box

No RX + today - just go faster.

Score: Total Rounds and Reps

Goal: 9 Rounds or more

Just regular burpees today!  Chest and thighs on the ground at the bottom.  Jump or step feet in.  Jump and put the hands up!

For the box jump overs we would really love to see you actually jump onto something and then step or jump off of the other side.  If you have to lower the height to make that happen - do it!

If you don't have something to jump ON find something to jump OVER completely.  A box, a laundry basket, whatever!

If you are unable to jump due to injury restrictions - you may step up and over.

For the wall balls you will hold the ball at the chest.  Keep the chest up and elbows in.  Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Weight in the heels.  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep the chest up.  Goal is to get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom with the weight still in the heels and the chest up!  Stand hard and fast with the ball at the chest.  Use the power from the legs to help you throw the ball.  Ideally you will shoot to a 9-10' target.

On the way down, catch the ball at the chest first BEFORE you start to squat!  Don't allow the weight to pull you forward!

If you have low ceilings you may sub med ball cleans!

If you don't have a ball you may sub light weight thrusters.  Think empty barbell or 10-25# dumbbells.

Note any modifications in comments.