Technique - Bar Facing Burpees

It’s a Burpee! How much technique could there be?! Right??

With the new emergence of the “CF Open” bar facing Burpee standard. We thought we would put out some tips for those of you who want to work efficiency in this movement!!

For the new “CF Standard” the rule is you have to jump back and jump in. 2 feet take off over the bar.

Main point to make is you do not want to try to broad jump from where your feet land. You will definitely still want to take a step to get closer to the bar. Once you do that, you can even add the mid air spin to speed things up!

The step in and step out Burpee is actually probably the most efficient at getting close to the bar and over! If you’re not worried about Open scores - definitely try that one!

TechniqueNathan Lundie