12 Min EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Min)
12 Mountain Climbers
6 Push Ups

This one will be TOUGH!  All upper body!  Find a rep count that is challenging but works for you!

Score: Don't worry too much about your score - but so that you can put something put the total reps of push ups you did in the WHOLE workout

So if you do 6 per minute the whole time - your score is 72

Goal: Make this work for you and don't get sloppy

This is an upper body blaster today guys!  The idea isn't chasing a score but finding a challenging but finishable rep scheme and push up style for you!

For the mountain climbers you will be in the top of the push up position.  You will bring one knee up then bring it back down and switch the other knee up.  Each  time a knee comes up = 1 rep.  So alternating legs you end up with 6 per side.

The goal for the mountain climbers is to keep the belly tight (no sagging) but also the butt down (no piking).  You may even do these elevated if you need to!

For the push ups you may do them from the knees, from the toes, or even elevated.  The most important part is to keep the belly tight no sagging or snaking.  Hands should be lower than the shoulders and just outside of shoulder width.  Get the chest and thighs down to touch at the bottom of each rep and lock all of the way out at the top.

Lower the number to 5 per minute or even 4 if you need to in order to finish!

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